Characters deleveled - Khadgar

This is what concerns me most about this whole thing. I’ve noticed a lot of these discrepancies. That, in addition to long-deleted characters coming back into existence, and no feedback from Blizzard about how that happened, if we should delete them again, or just wait and sit on them because it will be part of their fix - I wish we knew exactly what happened. I know there are a lot of assurances that they know what’s up and they’ll fix it, and perhaps they will, but the lack of explanation of what happened in the first place bothers me.

Like the character I name changed years ago, and now have two copies of, what if I had a million gold on that older character? If I just leave it there, I get a free million gold out of nowhere. (I don’t LOL.) Maybe he has a super-rare item on him that didn’t exist last week but I suddenly have access to. Multiply that across all the players who suddenly have these old characters popping up and what ends up happening is the integrity of the character data and what could charitably be referred to as a “server economy” is suddenly called into question.

Proprietary information. I doubt that Blizzard would give this information in a public setting.

Players did not cause the issue. To my knowledge there is nothing a player can do to cause it. Because of this it is unlikely to be classified as an exploit. The issue is not wide-spread. It is only happening to a group of players on the Khadgar realm. I don’t see it happening on enough characters to cause issues with the server economy.

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That’s what I’m hoping.

A general rule of thumb…If you didn’t do it, don’t touch it.

In cases like this, I really think that “leaving things alone” applies. The more you mess with something that you didn’t start (at least in this case), there more there is the potential to screw other things up.

Will Blizzard give a detailed description of what went wrong, no. Sometimes they give a hint of what went wrong, but they won’t go into details. They aren’t required to give us an explanation. They give us partial information about the problem as a courtesy. We don’t need to know what went wrong, even if we want to know (curiosity).

It’s just conjecture but it’s pretty clear to me what happened. They had a backup copy of the live data from the original merge back in MoP’ish in case s*it went south and while doing background changes pre current merge they somehow applied the old backup to the server which obviously broke most things. There are still some oddities involved though like characters from vanilla being deleted despite being around and on the server during MoP, random race changes to races that the character never was, and other weird stuff but I’d be willing to bet 95% of this has to do with linking that old backup to live.


Good morning all,

We’ve seen a lot of positive results reported back in this thread, and we’re glad to see everyone getting back to a normal state. Several types of Khadgar character issues were identified during this, and most have been fixed at this time.

We still consider this an open issue and are continuing to investigate edge cases with characters on Khadgar that may not have been caught in the initial passes.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for their patience during all of this.


I have a handful of characters on Khadgar that I only played during vanilla. I didn’t delete them for sentimental reasons. All those characters were duplicated after the realm merge, putting my account over the maximum number of characters allowed. I’d like the duplicates to be removed. This isn’t as high priority as someone who is still having issues with their main characters, but I’d still like it fixed within a reasonable time frame. I just submitted a ticket.

You should be able to do this without needing to submit a ticket. Is it not allowing you to delete them yourself?

How do I know which are the duplicates? I have no record of the original names because at some point the names were freed and rename tokens were applied. Is there a risk of me mistakenly deleting the originals and then later a fix is applied that automatically deletes the duplicates, which then deletes some or all my characters?

Ah I see, yea the new name modifiers on them would make that tricky. If you want to submit a ticket, you can. There may be other ways for the Game Masters to distinguish them.

Oh good, I wasn’t sure my explanation made sense. :sweat_smile: I submitted a ticket, ID US75382335.


Still nothing on my end. I do have a ticket submitted but nothing is updated so far. Unfortunately being a casual player I can’t even say that Khadgar was my realm. I am assuming it is due to the missing characters problem happening only on that realm.

I just want to thank the Blizzard customer service reps and the GMs that have been dealing with this issue! Because this character and our guild’s warlock were restored, we were able to raid last night and finally get Cutting Edge of Khadgar.


Definitely one of the more unique, um, bugs I guess, to have cropped up in this game’s history.

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I wonder if the issue presented in this thread is related. It also seems to have happened in conjunction with a realm merge, so the issue might be a bit more wide-spread than you think. I assume the team is working on more than just the Kadghar characters that were recently affected. The poor fellow in the thread I linked has been waiting for well over a month for a resolution.

While Khadgar may be the central point for this character de-leveling incident, a lot of other servers are experiencing strange effects, be it ghost characters that don’t exist in a guild, blank profiles in the guild, characters showing what server they transferred from, etc. The Dev’s and GM’s are quite well aware of the issues, but they may need to fix 1 issue before they are able to get to another, as they may be related.

The thread you referenced is already being looked at by a Dev Team, and is on a different server than Khadgar, with a different issue.

Lets keep this discussion to those that have characters on Khadgar, as apposed to those who don’t.


I understand. Just noting that it looks like the incidents with severe character problems due to the realm merges appeear to be a lot more wide spread than some may think. Hopefully they can all be fixed very soon, but from the looks of what is happening here, it may take a lot longer than we’d like. So I think continued calls for patience, even as players continue to experience these issues for extended periods of time, is important.

So a strange thing happened with my lock. During the merge my lock was knocked down to 90 so I reported it. The next day when I checked my lock was back to 120. I took a few days off logged in yesterday and my lock was back to 90! I missed out on making 2000 gold yesterday because of this. Please fix this thank you.

It looks like your issue may have been unrelated to the discussion happening here. I’m glad you were able to locate the realm those characters were on though!

Congratulations Geralth! Sorry for the trouble this all caused for your group.

It’s making my list of top 10, for sure.

Both are correct. We’ve been keeping track of reports from players following realm connections, including missing characters or deleted characters reappearing. We’ve also seen some guild issues reported. They’re not exactly the same as what happened on Khadgar though, and tend to be a bit more sporadic.

Due to the scale of the impact to Khadgar specifically during this, we wanted to create a location where we could collect examples, and share updates on the work being done for the realm.

The other issues, like I said, are being tracked and worked on separately by the game team and engineers.

We’ve seen at least 1 other report of that here. It appears to be an edge case situation. If you haven’t yet, please open a new ticket to get this tracked with the Game Master teams.


Any chance I would be able to get an update on my missing character, Spoon - Khadgar? This has been my main since vanilla (coincidentally also in Geraith’s guild: Remnant). The character has been completely gone since the 22nd, so we’re coming up on a week now.


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