Missing characters

That is not an available option, sadly.

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It’s a commonly requested service, but bulk character transfers aren’t currently available.


ok probaly just want to move the one anyways cause its the source of all my heirlooms

Heirlooms are account bound they will stay with the original account.

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They are Blizzard account bound. Not WOW account bound. But yes, heirlooms cannot be transferred off the Blizzard account they are on.

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If the primary reason for a transfer is just for herrlooms on a different battle.net account, it might be as cheap to just my a token on that account for $20 and put in on the AH.

Tokens on the AH are currently selling for 110-12o,000 gold. You can but a lot of heirlooms with that.


ok i got my id how do i recover my old account so i can switch my character over to my account with wow time? first things first how to i get my other account back with my id

Much can depend what you have access to. If you have access to the email address registered to the account, assuming you don’t have an Authenticator attached or a registered phone number, you might be able to reset your password.

If you don’t have access to your email address, select “I don’t know my email address”. With the attached ID we should be able to update the account information, so be sure to include a valid email address (not currently attached to a Battle.net account).

You’ll want to start here.

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i sent in a picture with me and my id for the account that im trying to get back the resembles this one thank you

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I’ve tried a few of the methods to find my old characters, but I haven’t had any luck. Could I possibly see if a Blue could do a search? I know I’m missing a Mage and Paladin at around 85.

The WoW license you are posting on was created in the last few days, Thaumaturgy, and there are no other WoW licenses on this Battle.net account.

I’d need some kind of reference point like the names and realms of those characters.

So, I’m attempting to play my lvl 120 Dranei Warrior Lorenda (In a guild named Valhalla). I can’t remember the server. I know I’m on the correct account, as the second account for WoW on my profile is for a starter edition.

When I was first getting on to try and play them a couple of days ago, I saw a bunch of servers were down and awaiting an update or relaunch or whatever it was going on. So I gave it a couple of days to clear up, figuring the server my character was on was unavailable while this process is going.

Queue me logging in today, and I’m still unable to see my character. I tried a character transfer trick to see them, no luck. I deleted a level 6/8 paladin on Moon Guard named Gilneas, so if doing so would force a character list refresh and show my character there.

No luck, and when I try clicking on restoring deleted character, I’m told I have no characters to restore. So I’m not sure what’s going on now.

EDIT (1500 17/09/2020): Double checking with roommate on the server, I tried viewing the server in question, and was able to find my character. I don’t know why they were listed on the server select list as not being there.

The character list probably cleared after the last connections, then showed up again after you were able to find the server in the list, and log in. It’s common post connections.


Like many here, I too am a returning player, with multiple characters on several different servers. My main that I played for several year (lvl 90 Shaman Belha; Moonguard?) has now disappeared. I have tried the 'create new character, log off/on, turnaround, sit stand kneel pray, with no success. I really need to hope that she’s recovereable; help would be appreciated.

There is a Belha on Moon Guard, but they are a Warrior, not Shaman.

There are 4 shaman named Belha on Anvilmar, Frostmourne, Kil’Jaeden, and Rexxar. According to the armory. If you’re returning after not playing Legion and Warlords of Draenor expansions, the name probably isn’t connected to the character anymore after a name release, so you’ll possibly need to use the Support link at the top of the page to get in touch with a game master.


I also returned to BFA after several months away followed by several months of just playing Classic to find all but one character missing on all the realms of my BFA. Both Classic and BFA are on the same account. The missing characters do not show in the realm list, even after creating a new character, or show in the Character Transfer service. The worst part is this includes my main - Rarktor the level 120 Orc Hunter. I need him back for Shadowlands!

Google is indexing a Beast Mastery hunter of those qualifications in a guild called Sun Rock Council on the realm Cenarion Circle.

If those sound familiar, I might recommend starting there.

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I have just Come back to start playing again today! My High level characters are missing, and there are several characters I do not recognize.

What realm? There is a known issue with the Khadgar realm.

Make sure you have the correct realm selected.

It looks like you recently logged into Black Dragonflight and created/deleted a couple of characters.

However, it looks like most of your high level characters are actually on Drak’thul.

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