Character Cap, Deleted Characters, and the Realm List

Raising the character cap is certainly a popular topic that has been mentioned countless times over the years. With a new race/class on the horizon, I feel there’s no better time to once again have a discussion about increasing the character cap that players have access to. A lot of people have been at or near the cap for a very long time. There are a lot of players who don’t enjoy deleting their characters for a variety of reasons, which means once you hit the cap some hard choices need to be made. This means having to delete a beloved character, resorting to opening up another account, or simply not level new alts despite a desire to do so.

We’re going into a new expansion with new things on the horizon for us to explore. A new fresh talent system that hasn’t seen major updates since Mists of Pandaria, major UI updates, and profession improvements. Alongside that, you have the scaling implemented with features such as Chromie time. You’ve never been more incentivized to level an alt than right now.

Personally speaking, I’d like to see any level of increase but I feel doubling it for the foreseeable future would make the most sense. 100 characters seem more than adequate to me. However, even a 10 character increase would be a major benefit to a lot of people.

There’s a second issue I’d also like to talk about.

By my count, I have 66 deleted characters across a wide variety of realms. As a result, I did actually forget about a few characters I have deleted that I may want to restore. My main issue is there’s absolutely no way to find out how many deleted characters you have on a realm without checking. I spent at least half an hour going to each individual realm, hitting the restore character button just to find out what deleted characters I had and writing them down.

I don’t think I should’ve had to do this to find that out. My suggestion would be for players to have an easy place to find out where they have deleted characters. I think this is something that can even be done on the realm list itself. Simply list deleted characters in grayed-out parenthesis next to the realm on the realm select screen, but make it an option people can turn on and off if they so choose. Either that or provide a separate place for them to accurately see this without needing individually check all the realms.

The Realm List could also use a few improvements or quality of life updates. I think having a search bar to type in a specific realm name would be a big benefit. You can’t move through the realm list with anything other than a mouse, which seems a bit of an accessibility issue to me. I had to click ‘YES’ each time I clicked on a full population realm. I’d like for there to be a prompt where you can turn this off permanently after getting the dialogue box the first time.


To add to the searchable tab idea, a way to prioritize realms with the lowest ping would be great. Some servers list themselves as local, but are actually hosted on the otherside of the coast which makes it confusing and not a good playing exerpeience when you expect to play on ~20ms, but are actually at 70-80.


IIRC there’s a certain time you have to restore the character before it’s lost for good, too. Kinda stinks. I’ve deleted a few in the past (I’m talking several expansions ago) and I can no longer restore them. Agreed it may be helpful to have some kind of little icon on the server list/character menu noting that you have a deleted character there, and perhaps a warning/timer if you have < 1 mo to restore.

But yeah, I’d love to see an increase in the amount of character we can have per account. I don’t multi-account so I am close to cap, even after deleting several, and 90% of them are 50+ level.


An increased character cap would be very nice. I’ve kept several slots empty for a while now on my main account, just in case a new allied race or class was coming along, and have put several alts on my currently inactive alt account.

On deleted characters: I don’t really delete a lot of my characters, but I did recently restore one that I deleted way back in Cataclysm. It was like traveling through time, a very cool experience, so at least it does seem like characters stay in the system for a really long time.


I wish they’d increase the limit. I literally had to delete all 12 of my level 50 horde the other day because I needed room for more alts on my main faction/realm. :confused: Feels bad.

Depends on the level.

Though I think this page is wrong, because I have some lower than level 50 toons that just won’t delete. They’ve been deleted since the Shadowlands pre-patch and they’re STILL there.

Like… these have been deleted for 2 years and they still haven’t been perma-deleted, but I WANT them perma deleted. (In the warrior’s cases, they’ve been deleted since Mists of Pandaria)

We really need a “Permanently Delete” button on the Deleted Characters list, that has like 3 confirmation pop ups to ensure it isn’t done accidentally, but still give us the option.


100% we need more character slots!