Can't transfer due to mail, but I don't have any mail

Yep! You’ll just want to use the Support link at the top of the page to get in touch with them. Double check that you don’t have any active auctions, mail in the mailbox, or pets in your inventory.

That is an NPC mail from a quest, should show sometime later today if you cannot already see it.

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I’m having the same issue of trying to transfer my character Tastydingo to Incendious and it’s telling me to check mailbox however mailbox is empty.

That character has a cover letter from an NPC mail from Feb. If you can’t see it, likely an addon blocking it since you’ve taken the contents. Even a cover letter without items counts as mail.

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So i should disable addons and stuff to try and fix this?

I’ve did the recommended resetting WoW interface thing, which makes my addons inactive ill check the mailybox now.



having this same issue on the character displayed - game thinks i have mail. waited around since yesterday to see if i had any lingering mail issues, but nothing has popped up. Unable to transfer still.

Usually this means you completed a quest or event that triggers a future piece of mail. You might just need to give it a little more time to show up.

While waiting, you can put in a ticket to have it looked into too:

That way if the mail does show up, you can just close the ticket :wink:

Edit to add that a UI Reset might help too.

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You do have a mail, it is from the Plaguelands quest although you may not be able to see it yet.

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Thank you for the reply. Glad to hear its not some bigger issue. is it possible that you can delete the mail?

It’s generally preferable that blizzard not mess with the internal design of how a particular quest operates. Tends to open up subsequent avenues for error.

You’ll get the plaguelands mail within a day or so.

The same thing is happening to my toon on classic. its been 24hrs since ive done anything on that character but i did quest in wpl so ill give it another day. i dont really have a choice as my open ticket time is getting longer instead of shorter

For the sake of clarity, the time displayed is the current estimated wait time for a ticket opened now. It is not a timer or a countdown.

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This wasn’t on the character you submitted the ticket on, yes? If it is the one I think it is, yes - there is a mail from Plaguelands which should show up on the 12th

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Instill is the character im trying to transfer, sorry

Yes, that was the one with mail

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Getting the same issue with my character on classic. I completed “Mission Accomplished!” and it looks like High Executor Derrington sends you some mail at some point in the future? Any idea how long that takes?

I takes a day or two if I recall :wink:

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oof. thanks!

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hey i am wishing to transfer a toon and i am having trouble… it is saying that i have mail that i don’t not have… so i am trying to figure out what i should do… i have waited 24 hours and still no mail…

i know i ahvent sent anything in a while to anyone and my other buddies have checked their mailboxes to see if there was a letter or not in there from me…

can you please help me get this transfer though

it can take up to two days for quest mail to come through