Can't transfer due to mail, but I don't have any mail

As the title says, I cleared everything, no addons, even used a fresh install on another computer, and I can’t get past the error “this character has mail,” even though I don’t have any…


Is this on classic or retail if retail check ur ignore list if its classic 9x/10 it has to do with the plague lands.

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Sorry, I forgot classic is out, I’m on retail. I just checked seeing no one is on ignore, I still get the “Please clear the mail from this character’s mailbox.”

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My advice open a problem with mail ticket unless a blue steps in is this on the original compute or on the 2nd one still.

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Having same issue. Gm thinks it has something to do with the items I got off the AH. They reset my character but still nothing, told me to wait 24 hrs then try again.

seems like a common issue LOL… I’m having the same issue on the toon I want to transfer.

Try this ticket

Have you any uncaged pets?
Have you completed any quests in the Plaguelands recently?
Do you have any letters, or are you waiting on any COD?

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Same issue here, except I’m trying to faction change as well. I have verified that there’s nobody on my ignore list, so it can’t be mail I don’t see, I have made sure my inventory & bank are clear of all possible hiccups.

I too bought something on the new AH when servers when live.

I made a ticket, but was told to wait 24hrs and try again, but it’s been over 24hrs and I still cannot transfer, and now my ticket wait time is over 1 day, and who knows if they’ll be able to fix it even when they read it.


If you didn’t mark your last ticket resolved, you can reopen that one with more information. It will be placed in a priority queue.

If you are referring to this character, I’m not seeing any mail either, Savako - but you mentioned buying something off the AH. Can I ask was it a straight up purchase already delivered, or a bid?


I keep trying to transfer or faction change and it keeps telling me i have ingame mail when i have none what so ever? i checked and deleted everything and every quest and checked my ignore list and i have no one AT all there so why does it keep telling me i have mail when i have NONE

You dont have any pending auctions by any chance you mite also have to put in a problem with mail ticket to get it resolved.

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yeah i have no actions either :frowning: i made sure i didnt send any boa to other characters and never accepted either…

I even cleared out my mailbox to my bank alt and made sure there was no mail from my character and of course none on my character.

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How do I open up a ticket? about this issue? I cannot find the appropriate category.

Problem with mail would be the apropriate option and becasue theres no GM on the forums and its not staffed 24/7.

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Having the same issue… cleared cache, ignore list, all that jazz. Still cant transfer.
BUT, I did mess around and acted like I wanted to transfer a different character. It was going to let me transfer it just fine.
The only difference between the two is that the one I wanted to transfer has finished the cloak questline and the test character has not.
Got to be something to do with that.

this is so dumb i checked all my other characters and it lets me with every single one of them but my dk? like what

I’m gonna try it taking off my cloak.
It did not work.