Can we get an update on the blocked Pandaria quests?

Can we get an update (QA has not reproduced, in progress, not in progress, low priority, etc.) for the blocked Pandaria quests, mainly Scouting Report: Hostile Natives and SI:7 Report: Lost In The Woods quests?

We’re headed into the 2nd weekend with these quest blockers, and based off what I see with views, replies, and likes, there are a good number of people blocked.

QA normally only responds if they need more information.

I’m afraid we have nothing to share outside of, they are looking into it. Some issues have quick resolutions and others can take a little time. Hopefully they can figure out this one and find a resolution soon. The Hotfix Blog really is the best place to see announced resolutions.


A hot-fix may have been pushed to the 33169 PTR, and we have reports the quest was completed on 1-31-20.

Earliest report seen so far of the quest being fixed was on 1-30-20:

Excellent! Thanks for posting, Anaba. I hadn’t gone through any of the hotfixes yet to check.

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My pleasure! Got confirmation that the hotfix is live on Retail as of yesterday, so I’ll help spread the word.

2-3-20 Update: Got confirmation from 2-2-20 this is also fixed for the Alliance quest-equivalent, so marking this report as resolved.

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