BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

Look at your math again.
2% from hoj
5% from sword spec
x 3 instant attacks
in the same global cooldown to get another extra attack.
lets say hoj procs in the same global
Sword spec because 1 in 5 is high (how often do you crit with your %?) also in the same global

You math is true until you get a chain proc, then it increases because there are more attacks that multiply the chance

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yes and this is why HOJ is a must have for every melee class

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No, it’s an exploit.

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no if your sitting and you get hit you take a crit spamming /sit to stack reckoning is not a bug

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It is a bug, though.

It explicitly DOES NOT stack if you just sit and get crit that way. The fact that this does not happen is listed in the Not A Bug list, the information is easily available.

You need to spam sit/stand to exploit spell batching if you want to get a charge, so that the autocrit triggers on their attack but you’re standing by the time the server registers it on your end.

It is an exploit and people should be being banned for it. (The sky isn’t falling from it either, though.)


It should give a stack of reckoning that is how it was in vanilla people did it all the time you can look up videos from 2004 and watch people do it all day that was how you played pally the only reason you played a pally was to PVP or else your just gonna be wearing a dress healing people and healing in vanilla is boring AF

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It was changed before the end of Vanilla (in 1.10, if I recall correctly). It is not a bug that it fails to do so in Classic. It is an exploit to get around this and trick it into happening anyway.

You are uninformed. Please educate yourself before making provably false assertions.

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Pretty sure they didn’t because i recall reckoning getting changed in BC so it was impossible to stack it up to 4 and extra weapon swing procs being taken out as well and vanilla is the best because this still is a thing

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Its not an intended game mechanic.

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Until those paladins are in R14 or Naxx gear…Imagine soloing UBRS because of exploiting.

This isn’t a balance issue.

This is a bug issue.

Cheap shotting sap existed in vanilla.

Reck bombs were patched out. Sorry to ruin your fun with facts.

Ok, going that route.

Each swing could proc either, so there is a 98% chance each swing will not proc HoJ and a 95% chance it will not proc sword specialization.

Or a 93.1% (.98 * .95) chance it will not proc either on each swing.

After you get your first proc of one of those, and trigger the expoited 2 extra attacks, there is an 86.6% chance the chain ends there (.931 * .931). There is only a 13.4% chance that the chain continues.

The odds of having 2 triggers in a row with those exploited attacks? .932% a little under 1/100 swings.

Odds of 3 in a row while perfect macro exploiting? .123% a little better than 1/1000 swings

4 in a row with perfect macro use? .016% or about 3 in every 20,000 swings.

And the odds continue to get worse.

Seriously, even with this macro literally perfectly doubling the resulting swings, the odds of it chaining far are pretty small. It still is never going to go infinite. Could it 1 shot a person? Sure, but chain procs aren’t generally going to go far.

Compounding small chances don’t go infinite.

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set your crit chance to 13% and tell me how many swings in 20 will crit

First, realizing* is the correct spelling.

Second, commas and general punctuation are your friend.

Third, no, I did not “realise” this becuase I died to a paladin or because of PvP. I just came across that video and saw how broken it is.

What would be considered infinite in the context of wow. 100% hp to 0% hp - that is as infinite as it gets.

3, 4, 7, 11, 20 procs chain procs? Your target with the exception of a dung boss or raid content died at 10 instant attacks.

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I make a dramatic amnount of speeling errors - id like to recruit you to follow me around the interwebz to repair my damage to the english language. Please and thank you in advance.

And, besides the possibility of an infinite loop, the key thing to consider:

The extra swing SHOULD NOT happen. HOJ is only meant to grant 1 extra swing, not two. Having it grant two extra attacks makes an already extremely strong trinket become extremely overpowered.

People also forget that the “extra” swing gained by using this macro with HOJ is a “normal” swing. This normal swing can proc all kinds of stuff. Crusader, Bone reavers edge armor penetration proc (or any weapon proc), windfury totem proc, sword spec proc, or even another HOJ proc - you name it.

This. The stop/start macro makes it broken, 33% more on 1 proc.

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pretty sure its spellbatchings fault, blizz should get rid of it.

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Just throwing my hat in here, but I bet this is how it was in vanilla but it’s really highly unlikely anyone even realized you could do it. Also with how much people meme on ret dps I don’t even see this as a negative. Somehow, some way people will say this is ‘not vanilla’ and yet be unable to prove it isn’t and then Blizz will patch it anyway.