BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

Nobody I know or talk to wants spell batching - at least blizzard’s current implementation of spell batching.

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Most classes don’t even have to abuse stuff like this in order to generate instant death scenarios. Crits on key abilities are easier to set up and are more reliable. Paladins can store reckoning charges to 5 and deliver more pain than this will 99% of the time on a sword specced warrior. Windfury crit strings are more likely to one shot you.

Of course chain procs will happen, but they aren’t the reason this should be fixed. They are still rare (even when exploiting for added swings and proc chances)

The fact a macro is doubling the value of a proc that doesn’t behave that way normally is all that really matters here.


It is because of artificial and inauthentic classic spell batching, a modern day addition to the game.


Prove it.

Watch the op’s vid. Thats proof enough.

This is working as intended until Blizzard states otherwise. If the original game had this mechanic then it should be left in - NO CHANGES!


No it’s not at all. You don’t have the vanilla client to prove it. Only blizzard does.

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This. /10chars

So if the original game had an exploit that say gave you full nax gear with one special button, you’d be okay with that? Or one where you could 1-shot any mob or enemy? Where does no changes stop and exploit fixing begin?

Dont forget if you throw in Seal of Command or Life Stealing; those can also cause proc’s and proc proc’s.

This is but 1 reason among many why this exploit is so game breaking for PVP.


You still think they have the vanilla client lol? Even after all of the post-retail Frankenstein additions have been found in the game, numerous bugs like the raid exp bug, demo shout bug, honor bugs, etc.?


Yeah, course I do. That doesn’t mean I don’t think they did a poor job recreating the game on the new platform. It’s Blizz. New Blizz. They suck. Does that mean it wasn’t like this back in vanilla? No.

As I said it doesn’t matter whether it was or not. You’ll get your wish in due time and they’ll patch it saying ‘It was never intended to x’. And only Blizz will know whether it was actually in the game or not.

The point is only that if you lobby for changes without evidence then you should be ready for the consequences.

Blizzard has a duty to fix game breaking exploits.

This happened. Kazzak world bos. Infinite rek stacks were hotfixed to a max the next day.

They already stated that /sit will not proc crit reactive abilities. This is already a change from Vanilla because its not intended in game mechanics. The issue is now exploiting a bug with spell batching to get the same effect.

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Let me raise a few questions for you.

You have the reference client and are capable of testing anything you want. Say you test this and it turns out it was like this in Vanilla. Would you keep it how it is or would you change it?

I have to assume that yes, you would (because it’s an exploit right?). But then that means spell batching was just the same back then right? So at that point you change that too? Do you see the rabbit hole before you or do you not care?

At the end of the day sometimes you have to chop off the foot to save the leg right?

Absolutely change. Any exploit needs to be hotfixed. This includes modern day abusing old game mechanics. They fixed the guard training exploit in gadgetzan even though the guards were behaving as they did back in vanilla.

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Well if it is, in fact, an exploit, then I guess I can’t disagree. However, that’s to be determined by Blizz I guess. /shrug

Regardless. They already made a change that prevents /sit from proccing crit reactive abilities. This was working in vanilla and by posting that its not a bug that it doesnt do it can only mean its not and never was an intended game mechanic. Spell batching mized with player abuse then broke what they changed.

It becomes an exploit because you are then abusing an ingame bug, that by them having fixed is no longer an inteneded game mechanic.

They fixed it…it’s called Retail. Maybe that’s the game for you.

Show me where within Vanilla was it ok to exploit an ingame bug?