Paladin HoJ trinket Exploit

Im not salty a paladin 2 shot me, im concerned about the potential power of said paladin in R14 or Naxx gear being able to not only wipe a 5 player party on their own, but maybe 20 players or the fact that said paladin is able to farm solo honor towards the R14 grind in amounts far greater than any other class or group setup. Also concerned about the potential gold influx from said paladin being overly powered to solo high content such as LBRS/UBRS.

I’m not going to tell you how to beat it, just don’t be bad and learn to play.

Reckoning is easy to beat.

After Wpvp is done, I won’t be reck because it won’t be used often.


Alliance doing good at something, I don’t see a problem here. But if it is a legit issue blizz will fix it I’m sure.

Disarm ftw - i was dead first and the next warrior died almost instantly so no disarm. He knew that we knew.

So warrior won’t be top dog? Oh no, your position as top class will be threatened! Whatever will all the warriors do? It just adds one hit with HoJ and I highly doubt that would throw things into imbalance especially considering how much people meme on Ret dps.

Not with paladins using an exploit, no. Using sword spec and the same exploit - YES

Understand the working of how it procs

Replace sword spec procs with rek stacks.

LoL 10 characters

Alright that’s possible to work on some reck pallys, there are other ways.

Best part is warriors can also 1shot multiple groups of melee.

Lots of gimmicks in this version of wow.

All of you should delete your characters. Also that paladin should archive your QQ for their PvP video.


It is an exploit.


I didnt QQ towards him for doing it. I might star in future vids from him.

I simply trying to communicate the potential unchecked power of these mechanics to get them balanced. This is not how they behaved in Vanilla

Reckbomb is not an exploit. If it wasn’t for people using it on raid bosses, you’d have people stacking it higher than 5 hits.

If extra attacks are really processing multiple procs through HoJ, it’s not paladins that are broken. It’s HoJ, Rogue Sword Spec, Warrior Sword Spec, Ironfoe, Thrash Blade, Shaman Windfury…Time to get them all patched by removing spell batching. This would be the part where I link the picture of the dog inside the burning house saying “this is fine”.

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Dont cry, Git gud horde. Its that simple.


Hunters cried this from the rooftops early on but where were you? Probably where all the people saying GIT GUD were. Pathetic.

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Step 1. Go to bug report forums.

Step 2. Read how not a bug is sit proc reckoning not working.

Step 3. See people abusing spell batching to sit proc reckoning anyway.

Step 4. Re-evaluate your position.

Step 1. Go to bug report forums.

Step 2. Read how hunters have complained about these exact spell batching and leeway related bugs broke core parts of their class.

Step 3. See people ignoring hunters completely until the same problem arrives in the form of overpowered melee things.

Step 4. Try to not cherry pick bugs to be angry about next time.


What if you get stacks not doing this “bug”

Then go gib someone?

Not hard to do, remove one way and people will just do it another.

In regards to FD/Trap? I was right here

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Doesn’t help your argument. Saying that hunters are also bugged doesn’t support your assertion that this isn’t a bug.

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There’s video evidence of people reck bombing people with 4-5 swings in 1.12 and even pretbc.

If it was a bug, then it was a bug throughout the entirety of Vanilla.