BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

With hand of justice, Paladins now have windfury through the use of one extremely simple macro.

Definitely not working as intended, as warriors and Paladins were not designed to have their own windfury.

It appears that there are TWO bugs at play here.

  • The Hand of justice / extra swing proc bug where you can use a macro /startattack /stopattack to get even more extra swings beyond just the 1 that it is supposed to grant. These extra swings can then continue to proc on-hit affects and can even proc off themselves to grant an infinite loop of extra swings.
  • A reckoning stacking bug where you can quickly sit then stand as you are being attacked in order to be critically striked AND get a reckoning stack - which, according to a blue post, sit/crit is NOT supposed to proc things like reckoning.

These two bugs alone are game breaking. When used together, they may just spell the end of the world…of Warcraft. All jokes aside, these two bugs need to be hot fixed ASAP.


Ret just went from “I can alt tab while doing my rotation” to “carpal tunnel simulator” as soon as you get HoJ.

Will be insane for those with an endless mousewheel they can just flick and keep spinning.


omg im going to try with WF


This works with windfury as well, allowing you to attack around 8 times or more at once. Completely broken and game breaking.


this was in vanilla so its fine.


those who don’t have HoJ will try and get one now. we all know blizzard takes like 4+ weeks to patch things. use it while u can!


That’s insane.

No it wasn’t. Reck bombs were in early vanilla, but were quickly patched and hot fixed well before 1.12.

Under your same argument, no diminishing returns were at one time in vanilla, so if there was a bug that allowed me to relentlessly stun lock you with no diminishing returns, that should stay right?


Pffffft its fine. No need to worry about it. Let it be. Just Let. It. Be.


Nobody plays Paladin anyway…



The reason this pally can build Rock bombs VS monsters is because spellbatching allows you to stop sitting right before a mob hits you, get the guaranteed crit, and still be considered standing (therefore being eligible for crit procs). I don’t see them fixing this without altering spell batching in some way.

Not sure what hand of justice does specifically outside of being another proc on top of procs, though.

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Watch the video. With this macro, hand of justice gives you 3 attacks at once versus just two. And one of those extra attacks can proc HOJ again.

It is an exploit as well.


I don’t know if I could handle this forum at over 9000.
Please think of the children.

TF? 4 weeks ???

Hunter Feign death is still broken which completely breaks the class in pvp and its been months





This is a change buddy.

This is a bug caused by spell batching.

I’m getting SICK AND TIRED of bugs like these, being caused by the MODERN, retail client being used in “classic”, that are unvanilla like ruining the game - and ignorant people who never played vanilla say “no changes” as if these 2019 spell batching bugs like this existed in vanilla.

News flash: no changes does NOT MEAN no changes to CLASSIC, which IS NOT vanilla. No changes means nothing changed FROM
VANILLA, which classic is supposed to emulate. If there is something in CLASSIC, that WAS NOT in vanilla, it needs to be CHANGED to make classic more in line with vanilla.


Waahhh waaaahhh a pally killed me. I’m supposed to be an unstoppable horde undead rogue waaahhhhh.

Seriously though you mad when an ally claps back? Must be why you rolled a rogue on the dominant pvp faction. Wanted to carebear get carried through PvP with no real open world competition huh? Can’t handle it when the right faction doesn’t work 100% of the time huh?


We are talking about bugs.

I would be just as outspoken if there was a bug that let me one shot people. I don’t care the class.

I actually play alliance as well and have addressed bugs that make rogues much stronger than they should be. I care about bugs and classes working as intended - unlike most people who just whine about their class.

By the way. Post on your class character level 110 retail dude.


Sincere question: can you explain how it works?

Watch the video.

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