BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

QQ… god I hope not…

That’s the part that I am actually worried about in regard to all the new bugs classic wow has that vanilla did not.

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It’s a bug. People are complaining about bugs that both factions can use. Are you that brain dead?

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I assumed you meant reset as in back to beginning of swing (weap speed). I have had runs of thrash blade/sword spec/hoj and wf totem procs - it feels like server lags for a half a second and them boom - 5 hits at once. Thats without using any stop/start macro - i understand using this macro creates extra ‘free’ attack ontop of that aswell.

Its very hard to test due to the way the combat log reads - and it doesnt show any difference between a normal melee swing, an instant melee swing, a multi proc swing (getting hoj + sword spec) of the same melee swing (which combat log shows both procs but testing shows only 1 extra attack) or a chain proc of swings (hoj proccing off its own extra attack - very rare but it can happen and can have an infinite loop).

He does not realize that this is going to be 9X more effective for an Enhancement shaman… Or 2X more effective for a Sword spec arms warrior.


Broken for both I would imagine. Needs more testing for sure.

You really don’t need to worry about an infinite loop.

Even with HoJ triggering 2 extra attacks, you’ll only get even 3 consecutive procs around 3/100,000 swings.

Infinite is not on the table with percentages that low. Even when stacking them (sword spec, thrash blade, HoJ + perfect macro use) you aren’t going to see these infinite loop simply because the chances are too low.

Now, the added attacks are still a problem, but don’t overblow things by worrying about infinite chains that will never happen.

How many times does it need to proc with a pally using OEB to one shot people who are cloth/leather if they are dead in a triple proc it may as well be infinite

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and all 3 of those procs each have a 2% chance to PROC HOJ AGAIN - OR EVERY OTHER ITEM/BUFF YOU HAVE INSTANTLY

Wait I thought they removed the ability to get Reckoning while sitting getting hit? The extra swing on hit rules are janky at best as well. The chances are still incredibly low 2%-4%? Seriously.

What about rogues and warriors dual wielding two swords, Hand of Justice with some Sword Specialization going on?

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It all works.

Unless you exploit an ingame bug. That is why its an issue for the ‘rek bombs’

Its 100% gamable - meaning you can do this on every proc giving you not 1 extra attack, but 2.

Do they have to time it at an extra swing?

Yes, and even counting all that AND using this exploit, the odds of getting a string of JUST 3 HoJ triggers back to back is around 3/100,000

Chaining procs is the least of the issues here.

The extra swing they shouldn’t be getting is the only thing that matters. Chain procs are only a tiny fraction of the problem (nothing important procs often enough for this to be a big concern).

2% chance procs (even 10% chance procs) are never going to “go infinite”


Rogues being able to cheap shot saps without breaking them building up combo points? Perfectly fine, but this broken?

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Where were you when hunters had countless issues working against them for the same reasons regarding spell batching and leeway?

Nowhere? Same with blizzard? For months? I thought so.

You can’t fix this multi attack issues with Paladins and Shamans and Warriors without also fixing the unique Hunter problems.

I really don’t like how they removed the /sit to get Reckoning Bomb off. A paladin tank can actually tank pretty effectively with Reckoning Bombs that way. :confused:

I mean it kind of makes sense doesn’t it. A paladin would pray to get a proc off being the religious warrior he is. Or he’s like that samurai that sits and waits for the attack to counter back.

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sitting to get crit to stack reckoning is a legit strat

This DID exist in Vanilla. And there are many videos of pallies doing this in PvE.


No changes

People are just realising it now because its happening to them while WPVP is at its height and they are crying about a paladin walking all over them with his extra procs. They never thought that the guy at the bottom of all DPS charts would actually be able to do that much dmg but paladin is the most effective PVP class because of their utility and reckoning a reckoning pally will do more dmg then a ret pally with commander seal anyday