BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

This is a NEW BUG, A NEW EXPLOIT brought on by artificial spell batching system

That’s like saying #nochanges to the layering exploits. Or #nochanges to the raids giving more exp than back in vanilla. Or #nochanges to the demo shout hug.

You can’t have a changed version of the game / new bugs in classic that were not there in vanilla and say NO CHANGES!

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This is true - but some of this things in Classic were never in 1.12 - things like stop/start macros to game for additional instant attacks.

Many of the defenders will tell you otherwise, even after being unable to provide any evidence.

Spellbatching is based off terrible latency from back in Vanilla. Chances are this happened during Vanilla but it was never noticed. The game is 15 years old, players have evolved and are pushing stuff that didn’t occur in Vanilla.

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paladin are very squishy and dont pose much of a threat even with the start/stop macro.

their damge output with reckoning and/ot retribution talents is so low.

ie anrogue can hot you 4 times for 400-900 damage in 1.5 seconds that is guaranteed, while a ret paladin Maybe can hit you for 500-900 2× with soc proc maybe 1 out 7 swings every 3 to 3.8 seconds.

No, it didn’t. And you have no proof that it did.

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A ret paladin can hit you for 500-900 x 2-4 every time you attack them in melee if they exploit it. Its instannt and nothing to do with weapon swing speed. The slower their weapon the harder you get hit.

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reck bombs are working exactly how they are intended. cry moar, you’re an undead rogue lmfao.

Actually at the time vanilla came out there were many games on the market that used cancelling attacks and starting attacks as a way to cancel animation to attack faster, do more damage, cast faster, and baby other things. The first one that comes to mind was a PVP based game called knights online. The better you did this ( was called " combining" back then) the better you were at pvp. Gear want even a big factor. You could also combo heal, combo aoe and many other things.

Personally I’m not finding this to be an issue at all and I’m starting to think of other things that need to be tested and played with in classic to see if we can find more playstyles.

None of what you said has any relevent data in regards to vanilla wow though.

Yet. When this becomes common place and every single class that can proc an extra attack by any means is doing this to get 2 extra instant attacks instead of 1- you may find it affecting you daily.

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It has a relevance because of the time vanilla was released. And personally I never looked into comboing in a wow during vanilla because of 2 reasons. 1. I played a priest and the priest makeup and wow was unlike other games where they could melee very well and 2. No one had mentioned comboing to me during vanilla.

And as far as affecting me if it becomes the norm, then it’s called adapting with the game. just like all the alliance having to adapt on PVP servers and find ways that they can still PVP/PVE. I’m still not seeing an issue with this. And I’m still going to look into other kinds of comboing.

You don’t see an issue with the macro to get an extra swing from HOJ?

Is there any proof that it didn’t? We know reck bombs were a thing, how many people were using start/stop macros on ret paladins? Think about it, Ret was considered trash, while played it wasn’t a class the most hardcore experimented with.

You have players who min/max to the extreme now. Spell Batching is based off bad latency, bad latency was part of Vanilla. It’s in the spirit of vanilla.

More to the point - is there any proof that it did. I cant find a single comment on the internet from 2004-2006, i cant find it on any youtube video/guide/macro list anywhere until private servers became a thing

Ther thing is from what i cant tell in all of the listed guides/comments/videos is they didnt use a stop/start macro - the simple clicked off the target and let them stack

I even found a 2008 comment that stated /startattack had a cooldown

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No. Massively imbalanced server populations break the game. Most of the Horde don’t seem to care about that though…

Sorry but I’ve never heard of someone using a Stopattack macro to get extra swings on a melee attack. In vanilla wow or otherwise.

So people really think if this bug was discovered in vanilla it wouldn’t have been patched?

If a well known bug was known in vanilla and not touched by the devs, then I agree it should stay. However in this case a new bug that may or may not have been possible in vanilla has been discovered in classic. So does this mean that they have to leave it in to satisfy the no changes crowd, or is learning about a new game breaking bug and fixing it like they would have done in vanilla the real #nochanges here?

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No worries, just release more content and more bugs. No need to fix existing bugs unless people abuse it in pve!

There are way worse problem with classic than this. A paladin being able to one shot you after farming the proper gear and using the right meta is not an issue. Not at all.

The real issue is massive servers and disproportionate faction balance issues leaving the lower faction unable to access the open with without constantly being camped. Honestly no one feels bad for anyone one the Horde server except heartseeker. Amazing how the Horde is given the entire open world on most PvP server and still finds things to cry about. No one cares bro. All you need to do is get 50 horde friends to kill the pally. Shouldn’t be hard considering most people roll horde to hide behind 40 man raids while they, “skillfully PvP” in a world their faction 99% controls.

tl;dr no one cares about horde problems on PvP servers because the horde don’t have problems (except heartseeker)

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Absurd isnt it.

This i also agree with.

And no one can provide any evidence of it working or not working as intended. Id be happy to see it added to the bug/not a bug list for clarification.

No matter what they do there is a percentage of players that will always intend to break the game for their own benefit. There always will be these players. What the devs need to be looking at is how impactful these bugs/exploits/creative uses of ingame mechanics will be for the duration of Classic.

How many more Classes/Players will be doing this - because of streamers/youtube creators doing this. Its one today, 100 tomorrow and 50 thousand by next week.

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wonder if it works with warrior talent too.

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