BROKEN - Hand of justice gives Paladins windfury

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Ill be sure to let every single horde player know, maybe when it becomes a mass issue blizzard might fix it.

Until then.

look on the plus side - you’re Horde - so you could probably use this to generate even more swings off of Windfury as well while you’re at it :slight_smile:

Windfury, sword spec, hoj all proc every single fight. I already feel much better knowing Theloras has deemed it not an exploit for all of wow.

Shamans and wf weapon granting 2…no wait now 3-4 instant attacks.
Sword spec rogues with hoj and wf totem.

Doy uo understand why im concerned about this, and not to just let it slide? Player power is absurd with this.

All of those extra attacks can proc more for a chain proc - and now that they will be granting an additional attack aswell - twice as much instant damage.

it’s not my place to be concerned or not - the devs would have to remove spell batching from the game completely and that isn’t going to happen

No they could infact reinstate the cooldown with /startattack that existed in 2008, so spamming it would be pointless. They could also remove /sit granting an auto crit to stop it from being abused. Many things could be used to balance it.

Its your place as a player. Unsure of your main/faction - but alliance will have to compete with god tier paladins farming solo honor. Think about it.

for what its worth, I spoke at length with Kevin Jordan both in his discord and on his twitch stream regarding the Blessing of Sacrifice + Reckoning machine gun Paladin mechanic that was live since launch but nerfed about a month ago

this would have made a Reck Paladin not only top DPS in the game, but would have also allowed that same player to single handedly maintain 100% uptime on Nightfall’s +15% spell dmg proc

this mechanic was never in Vanilla and was therefore a bug and my position on it was that it should be removed as it would break the game

what you are advocating for however, would in fact be a #Change from the #NoChanges and #WartsAndAll philosophy that blizzard has set for Classic

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No im advocating for those instant attacks to not be affected by stop/start macroes making them grant additional unprocced hits - since when does something listed as giving 1 extra hit allow someone to fudge the server into giving 2.

This is especially powerful in paladins because they can gam,e procs 100% of the time whenever they take a hit.

Every other class still has to rely on a chance to proc. Its absurd.

I dont care if a paladin games a crit for 1-2 attacks - i care they can game it for 2-4, 100% of the time

It still needs to be adressed theloras. I get that you can just hide behind the “no changes policy” but that has been broken on day 1 anyway with the layering of the servers and quite frankly the recreated spellbatching as this is not the original spellbatching either.

Idc if 1-2 ppl do it but the longer this game lives, the more knowledgeable ppl become and soon every pally player/war player will use it. It will effect PvE creating massive imbalances and it will have an influence in PvP for every non meele class too.

And ye you can always say “it was in vanilla” but that argument falls flat if that DM bug from a few weeks ago where you could stack buffs was also in vanilla. (wether it was or wasnt is not the point; if it was it would break the game and the “it was in vanilla” argument would have needed to take a step back too).

And Im not sure you need to break spellbatching for this to work. Maybe there is a work around.


working as intended due to creative use of game mechanics:

Normally if you’re sitting down you would not get Reckoning charges from auto-attacks. However, you could gain charges from random NPCs by constantly sitting and standing up due to server lag: mob would try to attack you as your were sitting, so it’d be a forced crit. However, if you stood up just as you were getting hit, the server would see you as if you were standing and get a Reckoning charge.

Using the spell batching exploit for double attacks.

you’re misquoting what you said as something I said…

True - i quoted my quote in your post. Click the drop down arrow in the quote - it shows my saying it.

yes, I get that but would you mind clearing up your post plz - I would prefer to not have people think I wrote what you wrote

The information is in the post - they cant quote you as saying it.

creative use of forum posting mechanics

Please fix this broken mess called WoW Classic, there’s so much bugs I’m starting to believe using reference client was a better idea in the end.

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That’s called windfury procs friend and it’s different.

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Show me where a shaman windfury will grant 4 hits in the same swing.

Windfury Weapon Rank 4
Level 60

165 Mana
Requires Shaman
Requires level 60

Imbue the Shaman’s weapon with wind. Each hit has a 20% chance of granting you 2 extra attack with 333 extra melee attack power. Lasts for 5 minutes.

Melee swing
You gain 2 attacks from windfury
instant attack
Instant attack
Explain this one

Windfury and Hand of Justice.

Reg Hit

Wow that was tough

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Ok. HoJ peocs are listed in the combat log.

Warrior and Shaman

Please explain the last hit - look at the timestamps. Swing timer of zero? i donmt think so.

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