BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

the amount of clueless nonsense here…



now do your research, shush and move along

IKR, this is literally the exact same ‘exploit’ as reck bomb, which has been in the game forever…and the benefit of this ‘exploit’ is vastly overblown.

Pallies can abuse it because it also works with the reckoning extra attacks. The issue in this case is the pally extra attacks are 100% chance to happen if you also use a /sit/stand macro - every single melee hit a paladin takes, can be made a crit that will result in not 1 extra attack, but 2 when you also use this other exploit. Those 2 extra attacks both can proc hoj making it worse

Meh exploit is a exploit reguardless class fraction etc etc

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Imagine rolling an UD Rogue and complaining about… Paladins.

Someone’s salty that they got reck-bombed mid-gank… :scream:

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Rek gives 1 instant attack. This stop/start macro makes rek give 2 instant attacks.

no its doesnt…dude srsly check old school reckbomb videos and you will see it…

i can easily stack 5 attacks+my swing+SOC+HOJ and it STILL would not be an exploit…

people are crying about something that has been around forever…

the forcing crits sitting down IS NOT an exploit
and the Stop attack macro only forces the Batching and takes advantage of it, once again NOT an exploit, but rather a result from something BLIZZARD CHANGED agaisnt what everyone was telling them.

Correct. But in this case now the 5 hits become 6 and the hoj becomes 2 due to exploiting.

So by blizzard saying that they are not suppoosed to proc crit reactive abilities, and using a ‘workaround or exploit’ to make them proc crit reactive abilities is considered what?

So abusing an ingame bug? Also otherwise known as an ‘exploit’. It makes an extra attack give 2 extra attacks - how can you even consider this to not be an exploit.

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The benefits of the sit/stand macro are vastly overblown. If you watch the video, the macro is only used against mobs where you can see their swing timer, and the timing must be just right. As such, the only real situation where it can be used consistently is when out in the world soloing mobs, and lets be honest, pallies need all the help they can get here. Regarding the extra attacks, it has been in the game forever and isn’t a bug or exploit.

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The extra extra attack has never been in wow.

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How long has reckbomb been in wow? Because this is the same thing.

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No its not.

Do you use the same macro to trigger reckbomb and hoj attacks?

An additional extra attack on both



Will give an additional hit on both rek and hoj.

Blizzard’s 2019 attempt at spell batching within legion client was in vanilla? This HOJ bug bring exploited was in vanilla as well? Could you please provide proof/sources?

You were the kind of person who said, “no changes!” During the unvanilla like raid exp exploit.

So both reckbomb and HoJ extra attacks use the same macro, and both give extra attacks based on spell batching. To me this is the same. And since Reckbomb has been in the game forever, it stands to reason that the HoJ extra attacks have been as well. I really don’t see how this is a bug or exploit. They both operate on the same premise…using spell batching for instant attacks.

Reckoning Bombs aren’t unusual. It’s literally how Reckoning works. You can store attacks. “Bombing” with it is just holding them instead of using them immediately.

Reckoning got capped after the Kazzak kill with, like, 1806 Reckoning stacks.

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Prove to me that it wasn’t. They both work the same way…same macro, same spell batching interaction…they are the same.

A rekbomb is having 5 charges banked up and unloading on someone - this has been in the game forever and was patched the next day after a paladin 1 shot kazzak. It was given a cap of 5 stacks stored.

Is entirely different from.

Its different because those 5 stored attacks after using the stop/start become 6 instant attacks, not five, and the hoj proc becomes 2 instant attacks, not 1

Now that we have that cleared up. Exploiting the sit/stand for a 100% chance to proc rek, you can then also exploit the stop/start for additional instant attacks in a fight every time you are struck by melee

That’s a lot of assumptions.

Also, reck bombs were patched out before 1.12

Furthermore, a blizzard blue post shows that sit / crit is not intended to proc reckoning.

These exploits abuse spell batching to both:

-proc reckoning when it shouldn’t be procing, and;
-give HOJ an extra swing (making it grant the user two extra attacks) when it should only be granting one extra attack per the tooltip and game design.