Paladin HoJ trinket Exploit


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I know what a rek bomb is. The rek bomb on its own is not the issue. Rek giving an instant attack on its own is not the issue.

The hoj start/stop macro will make hoj give 2 extra instant attacks instead of 1. It also gives the rek instant attack 2 instant attacks instead of 1. Rek has 100% chance to proc on a crit. You can exploit a sit/stand bug for a 100% chance to be crit.

So after the initial rek bomb (no issue here) killed me in under 2 seconds (still no issue here) the paladin was charged by another warrior. Every attack he made against the paladin caused the paladin to be crit 100% of the time (due to exploiting sit/stand exploit), which caused the paladin to cast 2 instant attacks 100% of the time back at the warrior. Those instant attacks had a chance to proc hoj. Using ther same exploit for extra attacks with rek, he was able to get 2 instant attacks from hoj instead of 1.

Meaning = for every melee hit against the paladin resulted in 4 instant melee attacks back towards the warrior.

In order to do this, the Paladin has to subject himself to being crit 100% of the time… And you guys couldn’t kill him? Is that what you’re saying?

Does this help you understand the situation a little better? We were not 5 horde trying to gank him.

That’s a bit better of an explanation.

Solution? Gkick that Rogue IMO.

If the paladin wasnt dealing 2-4 instant attacks on their target with every melee hit recieved do you think he would have been able to kill all of us? He was only able to deal 2-4 instant attacks on his target, instead of 1-2 due to an exploit.

that could easy be a reck bomb.

are you sure it he had hoj?

His correct interpretation? Abusing an in-game bug is the definition of a cheat.

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Thought i recognised the name. Guess stacks or none killing a warrior and then attempting to kill a pally and another warrior wehile at 1khp doesnt matter.

Welcome to my entire guilds KoS list for the ‘post kill behaviour’ - hope it was fun. Next time we see you ontop of Ony cave hiding from the horde for a clean entry - we wont just zone.


Ty for the honor

Apparently ur Kos means nothing

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Yeah i miss thoose days. My level 55ish green mace was great dmg back then.

No salt at all - keep coming

This is why i rolled pvp server

To spend it all being dead?

Rank 3 btw

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Of course im going to be dead 2v1 at half hp and a mob on me.

Or 2v1 at 1k hp after killing a warrior.

Honor means nothing to me.

You died so many times today you are as worthless to my honor as you are to your parents.

Maybe next time you die in pvp don’t trash talk, as if you and your guild wouldn’t attack me anyway.

Legit had 7 of them take a 15 min run to sneak up me when I was camping a flight path

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2 deaths is so many times? 3 more im still worth honor. Look for me later.

Mums dead and who is dad? NFG.

My guildies? Only 7 came after i left - lol.

Apparently counting is hard for you also, don’t have to get the final tag to get honor.

You get stacks when you are crit. Presuming you’re fighting a melee class you will be crit a lot. You honestly think Blizzard would put in a mechanic where the only way to get stacks is by exploiting?

No they added a mechanic that self balances itself.

Players ‘gaming’ in combat ‘fake crits’ 100% of the time on demand it unbalanced. The issue is that this form of ‘gaming the system’ while also using another ‘interesting use of in game mechanics’ also allows not 1 extra attack, but 2.

Spell design - chance to be crit (35% max in this gear?) for 1 instant attack / if not casting at the time or nothing is targeted it will stack to a limit of 4.

‘Gaming the system’ - 100% chance on every attack taken for 2 instant attacks.

You do the power curve math.

Considering the only 2 times i died today were in ungoro - id love to know how you got honor for more kills. Maybe you found a way to exploit that aswell.