Bringing back FOMO cosmetics =/= Giving it for Free

mop cmode mogs are never going to return.

No but he can explain dev decisions to you for the 15th time. Weird you still cant comprehend it.

MoP classic is the hint you are looking for.

I know it’ll be available then. But the wording used implies it’ll be available in some form in the future that isn’t Classic. Not that I care if it does or doesn’t.

They didn’t say that lol…

That’s not an apples to apples comparison. Not even close. Whilst you may be “technically correct” as all things on planet Earth consume resources of some form, to compare replicable digital goods to physical ones in such a manner is disingenuous at best.

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Take it up with the community manager and their wording not me. They quite literally pointed out this event in question to the now-unobtainable items on retail.

The actual wording is:

Items that were only available during the original release of Mists of Pandaria will not be available in this event.


Yes all the cosmetics you farm during the even, nowhere are CM items mentioned.
And saying they arent returning at the time means they are 100% coming for Classic.

Classic MoP is the event you are looking for. But cope as much as you want, you are the one constantly being dissapointed for refusing to accept the truth.

Speaking from an “I got mine” perspective… I genuinely don’t get the big deal with restricting stuff. I think some folks on both ends of the matter get a bit ridiculous with the topic, but I am definitely seeing the “NO, MINE!” side is far more cancerous in general.

Shoot, the dungeons and the MT challenges are way more difficult now than they were originally. If they pass the challenge, why’s it matter when they did it? Just friggin’ give 'em the appearance. FOMO sounds lame.


But did you “get yours”? :wink:

Read the sentence right after, good lord lmao.

Items that were only available during the original release of Mists of Pandaria will not be available in this event. This includes the Kor’kron War Wolf, challenge mode sets, and heirlooms.

Cya in Classic MoP

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Classic mop has what I want the most, the gameplay.

Yeah, and that was what they said and IDC if they do bring 'em back or not. They ain’t consistent with their beliefs, just pointing out they’re specific with their wording.

They never brought any challenge tied reward back.
Cope if you want but this is in my opinion huge player issue. Spreading missingormstion on forums (this event is perfect example) and then being mad at blizzard that their wishes Arent coming true… Like yall made this up… nowhere blizzard mentioned CM rewards… nowhere since MoP lmao…

Then if it doesn’t happen then that’s those players issues, not mine.

It’ll usually be recolors and things like that, yeah. I don’t see anything wrong with that stuff being brought back, but realistically, they probably won’t.

not anymore, they werent properly tuned for DF, and they are trivial now.