Bringing back FOMO cosmetics =/= Giving it for Free

Oh. Heck, then I dunno. Make it even tougher than Legion (especially after how trivial it became at the end of the expansion), then hand 'em out, I say. I really don’t remember them being as grueling as people seem to want to characterize them to be.

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when Mage Tower was released at the beginning of Tomb of Sargeras, they were very very challenging.

then time went on during legion, Antorus was released with higher ilvl and better tier bonuses in addition to the nether crucible offering more artifact traits and the mage tower became quite trivial.

i remember doing the Havoc DH mage tower in like full mythic antorus gear (965-ish ilvl) and i literally used meta and my potion then brought the first boss from 100 to 10% before he even did anything - i completely skipped the first phase.

when the mage tower was released again in shadowlands, it was VERY challenging - it took me about 250 attempts to finish the guardian druid mage tower.

then when the new talents with Dragonflight released, everyone got a lot more utility and baseline dmg - so they became easier.

now, many new things function in the mage tower such as the amirdrassil helm enchant (i can confirm that it does, i recently finished up my book mount and noticed that the head enchant debuff was on the mobs)… i also am pretty sure that the amirdrassil tier sets function in the mage tower as well, i didn’t confirm it though.

but anyways, the mage tower as it stands today is more akin to the challenge it had with full netherlight crucible artifact traits and antorus tier sets.

can blizzard properly tune content to be as challenging as it once was? sure they can… they’ve shown that with the shadowlands mage tower.

the issue is that they don’t keep up with that. they got lazy for dragonflight and didn’t change the challenges to accomodate the new talent systems.

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They were piss easy by the end of Legion and where a lot of people ended up obtaining theirs because of it. But their stuff didn’t get taken away, which is funny when I see people clamoring for challenge requirements.


which mage tower challenges did you do in legion?

Yeah, the situation is just so messy. Overall, my preference is that they preserve the initial challenge (or give us something even slightly harder to accomodate), but I mean… even with current difficulty, it wouldn’t bug me if they gave the old MT appearances alongside the sets now. Really doesn’t seem so different this time around.

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if blizzard kept the mage tower at the same difficulty as it had during 9.1 shadowlands, yeah it would be a challenge worthy of giving away the weapons again - because it was just as challenging as it was when it was released with tomb of sargeras.

the reality though is that the shadowlands mage tower had VERY little participation because it was so challenging… people began to complain that they couldn’t beat any of the challenges (and i suspect why blizzard didn’t tune it properly for DF)

so could blizzard re-release the MOP cmodes with the same difficulty as it had before? yes, but it would have the same reception that it did in MoP - roughly 6% of the playerbase even engaged with them.

people would complain it’s too hard and then blizzard would probably just nerf it.

It’s pretty messy, yeah. Also why many people got confused at the time why it mattered if the stuff stayed obtainable, the damage was already done and all the rewards from a challenge were made moot by 7.3 / 7.3.5.

Question, do you also want to buy one of your family memeber’s first place bowling trophies from 1983?

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They could do a lot of things but they have already confirmed they’re not.

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Or… add new cool things.


“You are never going to see Tier 3 again” - Wotlk and Cata players, then BMAH happened in MoP and now its fully brought back in DF. Same with old ZG mogs. Same with TCG mounts. I don’t know for sure if Corrupted Ashbringer will ever come back, and you don’t know for sure that it won’t.


They didn’t succeed in any of them, they don’t have the achievement.

No I was busy working a full time job as a sophomore in high school so I didn’t play much in MoP.

I know the content was easy tho

oh you’re making a judgment on content in which you did not participate?

yeah, sorry.

If you think there was any difficulty in CMs you should probably look at some old footage. Hitting <8M clears was common and the party’s HP Bars don’t move lol.

Nothing difficult about it.

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i bet you think there is nothing difficult about MDI dungeons, either, right?

i mean Naowh and the ECHO team clear all the dungeons within minutes of starting, they pull three full rooms onto the boss and no one takes any dmg, so it must be easy correct?


20-30 minute runs =/= <8Minute runs lol

Especially when a Gold in MoP CM was something incredibly attainable like <15Min. There was also no limit to the amount of buffs you could take into the CM Dungeon

Gold CM was so easy to obtain that some people did dungeons solo (and got gold time) and many others would run group size 2-3 and still hit gold with time to spare, lol.

The comparison of M+ to CM is completely invalid. M+ is much more difficult than a CM ever will be.


I did several of the mage tower scenarios in Legion. All 3 priest specs and a couple other random ones. I have no problem with attempting harder content. I am just sad I will never get the mounts I missed solely due to having my child during MOP. I got the cape at least, but honestly I would rather have had the mounts. I regret not trying to get the gold to buy a boost since I wasnt capable at the time of doing it legit.

the issue with your statement is that you never did Gold CMs, so you really have no idea.

but it really doesn’t matter since the challenge mode sets are never coming back anyways.

you missed them, regardless of how easy you believe they may be.

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Yep, they’re not coming back. Nor was I among the crowd that thought they were coming back with 10.2.7.

I’ll always stand by the idea that removal of content == bad and the exclusivity factor of appearances/mounts/pets does more harm than good. I got my MT appearances before ToS was out. Always have stood by that they never should have been removed in the first place (especially because they were incredibly easy by the time the expansion was ending, LoL!).

I don’t care if someone gets special appearances for KSH in seasons I got it. I don’t care if people get AoTC mounts that I got. I don’t care if people get 1800CR appearances that I got. I don’t care if they make it to where you don’t have to it 1800CR in RBGs to mog High Warlord/Grand Marshall appearances. Those are all things I’ve earned, most of them pretty easy. I think anyone should be able to get them if they display enough desire.