Bringing back FOMO cosmetics =/= Giving it for Free

By a technicality, it’s not accurate. But from a practical standpoint, it is. Physical hardware degrades and will eventually lose the medium saved on it with time. But, let’s be realistic here: That degradation is an insanely long time or from HEAVY read/write usage - which is backed up incessantly anyways.

tell me one gladiator mount they’ve ever added back in

tell me one elite pvp set they’re ever added back in

tell me one person who has obtained corrupted ashbringer after wotlk

tell me one person who has obtained Scarab Lord after wotlk

go ahead.

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I mean

Next patch, depending on your class choice, you can get some of the elite PVP sets from older patches. I’m just shoulders away from finishing it on Warrior so I don’t even need to do pvp for it, I can just use the thing froom KSM


But if we ignore that the digital goods require a medium/storage in order to infinitely copy and distribute them is this not the same as saying I can copy a real world Rembrandt painting infinitely if I ignore the requirement that I need to copy it onto something that is not an infinite resource?

Yeah you’re correct on the PvP (I believe) side of things. Those last three things have been re-obtainable again with Classic and any future variant they re-release. So uhm… Eh? No idea why you’re labeling things Blizzard have let us get again.

Not that anyone would care if they re-used older PvP gear or mounts or recolors. It’s already insane for CM gear, the amount of people who actually have this stuff is completely negligible.

This is all disregarding the fact that Blizzard is gonna start using more 3D and complex designs and armor with the new AI tech letting them shrink-wrap things to the models. Making all the old stuff entirely ugly in comparison - which won’t get updated.

If this is true then it just adds even more credence to Blizzard using old stuff again.

Oh and they’ve also started bringing back old pre-patch events too which had exclusive things. Forgot about that.

Bringing back challenge mode sets wouldn’t be giving the away for free.

Bringing them back in an accelerated mode in which you can level all of the classes at 3X the rate that people could when they were available would certainly be providing a discount though.

I don’t think it’s necessarily unfair to ask for another chance to acquire things. I do think it’s unfair to expect it to be packaged in a mode that will make it both faster and easier to accomplish.

20 something’s wearing a replica 1988 concert tees are viciously (and rightfully) mocked.

I’m all for recolors and new rewards, but commemorative rewards should never come back.

Blizzard sees the empty bagspaces you got. They are going to fix that for you.

nothing in classic transfers over to retail, so yeah that doesn’t count

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You can infinitely copy files from one medium to another, yeah. So long as the source files (or any existing copies) don’t all get degraded, you have access to a nigh-infinite amount of version of that said file. Or any kind of digital good.

I forget the name historians have labeled it but essentially we will actually hit a point where knowledge and data will be lost to time like old times eventually. Not due to forced scarcity or purposeful deletion but decay and time. Some things won’t be saved or backed up naturally, and be lost forever.

As of now (I think), it doesn’t. But it does count, it was (or is) obtainable again, which means people will and have seen other people use it and flaunt it again. Arguably in a way more relevant fashion than most of those sets, armor pieces and titles have these days on retail.

Obligatory: When no one knows its exclusive or unique, it’s effectively no longer exclusive and unique. If no one cares you have it, or that it is special, it no longer has that kind of outward value. It has sentimental value for the people who own it still, sure. But that’s entirely different. You may view it differently but I don’t put value in things no one owns anymore.

Which makes me wonder if more than a handful of scarab lord players still even actively play (not just exist). Or if anyone who owns the original corrupted ashbringer actively uses it now (and again: not just exists on their account).

plenty of people still own the MoP Cmode armor which is what this thread is about

Yes, but you’re the one who also asked about extremely rare and near unowned items / titles.

you asked me for other examples of things blizzard has never and will never bring back to the game, so i gave them to you.

what is your real agenda to post in this thread?

do you want the MoP cmode sets? because those aren’t coming back… blizzard expressly stated that.

Easy mode andy content shouldn’t be removed from the game. Nothing about CM was hard

I read on reddit that everyone should be equal in terms of chances and I do agree with this. Time should not play role but skill. Rewards should always be available but not given out for free.


did you complete the challenge modes back in MoP on gold?

unfortunately that is not how it works with blizzard. so the MoP cmodes will stay unobtainable as supported by blizzard’s blue post this morning regarding the topic.

Yes, but it also said “this time” or something akin to it in the text. I’m pretty sure they will come in one form or another in the future.

You are never going to see Corrupted Ashbringer again.

And almost everything you posted is still accessible in one form or another, which kind of invalidates what you tried to point out. IDC if the mogs get added in now, later or never. I just find it funny people think Blizzard is consistent on this when they’re not - modern Blizzard doesn’t care about old exclusive stuff. If they wanna bring it back to incentivize you or others to do things they will.

Classic WoW exists, so. It can be obtained again.

Correct, it specifies THIS EVENT not forever. Which is a very purposeful way of putting it.