Bringing back FOMO cosmetics =/= Giving it for Free

They can bring back CM gear and have it be as challenging as it was back in MoP (which wasn’t nearly as hard as you guys remember). It is totally reasonable to bring removed content back into the game so long as its acquisition is as difficult or more difficult than before. This applies to everything, even Corrupted Ashbringer. Just do it, just scale the content to be hard like you did with Mage Towers in Shadowlands. At least bring in recolors.


And then nerf it so everyone can do it. Just like they did in Shadowlands!



Leave it as is. Because difficulty is subjective. Do i want the CM to come back? Absolutely, was looking forward it. But its not, and thats fine. Its okay to not have access to all past things

Disclaimer: i missed the CM portion of MoP and didnt get a chance at any of them


I don’t think Blizzard plans to bring back Challenge Modes for Timerunning: Pandamonium; they stated they don’t want to bring back content and rewards that were removed in Mists of Pandaria and that includes Challenge Modes and their rewards, however I bet we’ll see recolors like the phoenix mount that’s already been datamined and one of the new meta achievements list “Class Ensemble” as a reward so maybe those will be the Challenge Mode class set recolors.

“nerf it” SL mage towers are harder than Legion ones. At least the gear is always scaled down to a difficult level. End of Legion people ran in with mythic Antorus gear and one shot those bosses.


Not when the content was presented to us and the rewards promised at being available only for a period of time.

you all are just going to have to deal with it, blizz has made their position clear.

recolors? bring them on. the originals? no. they were limited time and need to stay that way.


If I recall, it didn’t scale up so people were just outgearing it in the final patch of Legion.


And they were still nerfed, even after being advertised as difficult and not everyone going to be able to get everything. But people cried it was too hard and it got nerfed.

Totghast is another example. Everyone had access to it. And they cried it was too hard, it got nerfed.

The people who say “its okay to make it hard so long as i have access to it” dont actually mean that. What they mean is “i want the rewards from hard content without the content truly being hard. Just the illusion that its hard so i can validate getting hard content rewards”

No. We missed out, we missed out. End of story


Literally no. I want it to be actually hard. If it’s too hard for me to obtain, I’m fine with that, so long as someone can still get it. You forget that WoD / MoP CMs were significantly easier at the end of those expansions. How was it fair for the early players to struggle to earn them when people later on steamrolled it? That said, it was still “hard”, as are mage towers. Easier, maybe, but still hard.

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This is 100% what they should do.


They could, but they’re not going to.

That’s definitely a thing that could happen, though.


Fair is fair so long as it lands inside the time it was advertised for.

Just like people who “want to play at their own speed”… nothing stopping them from waiting until the end of the expansion when all the catch up mechanisms are in place and all the time gates are pulled out.

Doesnt mean its “not fair” lol

I still don’t understand why people even want them. I was maining my Druid back then and my Challenge Mode: Gold transmog set is still in the box, in my bank.

Thing’s ugly as hell.

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That’s your opinion. I think every CM set is amazing looking except monk and priest.


Could not really care less for the mogs (i do want the shaman totem shoulders). I just wanna run the Challenge Modes


That’s one opinion. I disagree. I think druid was one of the best CM sets.


You don’t really have any voice in dev decisions, so no not really. They’ve brought back content from the past before, which doesn’t mean they’ll do it here, but can if they want.


Torghast was tied to player progression during Shadowlands, it wasn’t a fun side activity. It was a “Do this arduous grind every week or you fall behind the power curve”

Personally I want the phoenixes, they’re nice (though the new reskin is also pretty). Also unlike Gladiator mounts, they’ve been visibly taunting me from the mount catalogue ever since MoP because they weren’t removed from it


yep, that’s accurate. i went in on this char toward the end of the patch in full mythic antorus gear and killed it my first attempt

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Also some combos of Legiondaries invalidated it

I haven’t played Assassination ever, but that one legendary that made it so feint healed you? The assassination one was incredibly simply as a result (unlike the bloody IMP MOTHER which combat is not suited for, but I managed to get)

I don’t really mind the Mage Towers coming back since the initial implementation was so botched.

They used the same Mage Tower challenge for a bundle of different specs, but due to their ineptitude they were way easier for some specs than others that had to do the same challenge.

They should have at least tuned the different challenges to fit the different specs’ abilities.