Bloodstained Commendations Going Away in Phase 3

This was announced on the phase 3 announcement video. it’s not a joke and has been public knowledge for a while now

you can do this in a different order.
2( tuesday after patch), 3(tuesday after patch), 1(thurs-mon), 4 (following tuesday)

Sure, but you can just ask people on era if you are that paranoid on how it works

But the real question is… can we use them right away or will there be a lvl requirement to hit before we should use them so we get the honor

How many of these would you need to go from 5-7?

Whats the hard cap of honor needed to jump from 5-7 in 1 week?

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I think like 110 Silver coins worth.

Well damn lol.

Wish I didn’t sleep on the coins.

I’m at about 200 right now and stopped but haven’t gotten AB rep tokens yet.

Might be easier to buy the commendations now and grind the rest of AB rep later

Are the current coins (and therefore honor tokens) be earnable between the Tuesday reset and the Thursday P3 drop?

It’s fine, if you want to grind AB its really good honor per hour anyway, when combined with STV.

I’m wondering if we pop all the commendations Tuesday at lvl 40. Then Thursday hit 44. Will that work?

So the goal of this entire mess is to make BG’s obsolete? Or am I missing something? This was all a terrible decision imo.

No one but horde finds battlegrounds fun right now. STV is way less cancer and more enjoyable than just spam losing battlegrounds and that’s saying something.

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So how about letting us get WSG through ashenvale, if we can get AB exalted with STV? Its hypocritical not to let us.

Ashenvale is a PVP event… you have to actually PVP the last part. STV is PVP… pure pvp…

why not just wait until you’re 44 and then pop all the commendations

French fries are still potato. Your point?

Mmmm potatoes.

This is all I want clarification on.

I personally would get the honor first then do the AB grind once you’re 50 with the new PvP set.

Yeah that’s what I’m planning.

I’ve been sitting on my coins so I have enough to get the 440 commendations and to revered with AB