Rank7 level requirement

Is there a level requirement for level 7? Does a person need to hit 50 before cashing in honor or have to hit 50 before the next reset to get rank 7?

It was 44 in classic. Safest route is to wait until 44 and use your honor. We have no confirmation if any honor used pre-level 44 will add onto rank 7 or if there is even a level requirement.

As soon as someone uses their honor and doesn’t level in a week I’m sure we will hear all about it

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The current version of Bloodstained Commendations are going to remain purchasable until Thursday when Phase 3 launches. Make sure to buy any you want before then!

Note that if you are already Rank 5 and you use them today, you won’t rank up tomorrow as the level cap has not increased yet. Rank 5 characters should use them after maintenance tomorrow so that you get that honor for the following week’s reset on April 9.

Blue post hope that helps.

the referenced post does not answer either of the OP’s questions

Easy, just to be safe, use them after hit lvl50 before April 9th.

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Pretty sure this answers OPs question.

you right, my bad

Yes you need to hit a certain level in order to increase your rank

Why are you saying people need to be a certain toon lvl. i see no evidence of this, if you mean rank thats differnt than lvl bud. stop spreading gossip

Ranks have been locked by level since they were introduced.

Have you ever seen a level 19 twink High Warlord?

IF you use them just make sure to level to 50 before reset next week.

Most people know that. What we dont know, and would like clarification on, is whether the level limit from original classic (lvl 44 for rank 7) is still the same, or if its different for SoD

Had any other rank requirement been different thus far?

You have a full week to hit 50.

Pop all the honor you want and hit 50

We have like 4.5 days?

Ahhh sheet I popped all 400 of mine early haha ah well let’s see if I can push to lvl 44 in a weekend (might call in sick tomorrow)

I agree 44 seems to be the safest route before using your honor tokens, but its kinda crazy how we still don’t have any official confirmation whether its 44 or 50 in SOD.

And you already know theres going to be a lot of people who don’t know any of this and are going to come to the forums extremely pissed off next week when they don’t rank after using 400 honor tokens.

And if you cant make it thats a you issue.

I got 48 quests ready to turn in.