Blonde or Brunette, what will your Void Elf use?

I personally would like true black skin, midnight black, bleach white hair (more styles plz) and red eyes. (Drow elf)

Then, to fit the void theme, glowing purple tattoos similar to a demon hunter’s.


I have heard about the new Druid forms and I have also heard about new stuff coming tonight born but I have heard nothing about new stuff coming to void elves if you have an actual source to this?

I won’t be changing my void elves to look like blood elves.

Most of my Void Elves will stay with the original hair colors, i like the distinctive look that Void Elves have. However i might make 1 or 2 of them have more “natural” hair colors.

Honestly i think it’s nice to have some look like true High Elves but i also think it’s more appropriate for them to have something that marks them with the void, at least for my characters. Just as some of my characters have the original skin tones and i haven’t changed them to look more like High Elves.

Blond and switching back to full length as long as it doesn’t have tentacles in it. I know many would say I’m not being a “real” void elf but…I don’t give a tiny damn. I know what I prefer and I won’t apologize for it.


Blonde, White, and Black if I play Warlock or Shadow priest =)


As requested: Why the lack of Customization? - #98 by Linxy

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Blonde obviously.


I’m not one of these weird “Void elves need to be voidy or else you’re doing it wrong” people. I think it’s great that Blizzard is letting people play as high elves through customization options. A lot of RPers have wanted high elves for ages and now they have them.

That being said, I personally dig the void thing, so I’ll be sticking with the more voidy looks, so I doubt I’ll be touching any of the new hair colors.


Void elves should have the option to look like normal high elves.


I don’t care about the hair color - I just one one of the haircuts.


High Elves have been playable since The Burning Crusade.
They just aren’t aligned with the Alliance.
The request has long since been granted.


You’re an awfully short elf.

This. Mine has dark blue skin and tentacle hair.



I play a void elf on another server and I absolutely refuse to use normal hair colors.

Sorry, I think giving them normal hair colors completely just makes them less unique. Part of the appeal to m when it came to them was the fact that they looked different in terms of appearance than blood elves. Now it’s basically just the same.

Like, I’m happy for the people who want it, who’ll enjoy it, but when it comes to my velf nah. I’mma keep her as voidy looking as possible.


I like the void colors already, what I wish they had added was more hair styles and tattoos

Tattoos, for all races


Okay, I disagree here.

First of all, there aren’t -that- many high elves. It wouldn’t make sense for non-blood elf high elves to suddenly be a playable race with THAT many people. Blood elves ARE high elves and honestly, given the fact that it’s been years, despite the fact that they are called blood elves, they pretty much just ARE high elves again at this point. If Blizzard gave alliance high elves, they’d be just giving carbon copies of blood elves - but without green fel eyes.

Them giving alliance void elves was NOT to purposely refuse to give alliance players what they want. It was giving alliance players a version of what they want, that they couldn’t really logically put in for several reasons.

There’s a distinction between High Elves and Blood Elves for a reason. You should know that when people talk about wanting playable High Elves, they aren’t talking about Blood Elves. They’re talking about the Alliance-aligned High Elves that weren’t fel-corrupted. This was the request.

Saying “They just aren’t aligned with the Alliance. The request has long since been granted,” is like saying someone’s request for a peanut butter sandwich had been granted, it just didn’t have any peanut butter on it.

I’d go full white if it still had the voidy bits at the ends for an older look

I might be the odd duck out who changes nothing, not skin color nor hair color.

I am happy for those who wanted the alternatives, though. More options for people to get their characters to look the way they visualize them to be, can’t be a bad thing in my book :slight_smile:

I am sort of low key wondering if Blizz is doing this right now just to try to distract some players from other things that are happening.