Blonde or Brunette, what will your Void Elf use?

What do you mean? Are you saying their inclusion means I cannot make a Void Elf Void?


It means, to people who actually use that mush in their skulls, there is no logical point making a void elf have the ability to rock blonde hair and light-skin; they are corrupted blood elves. Corrupted = NOT LIGHT-SKINNED, NOR BLONDE HAIR

Do you see orcs via there fel corrution having the ability to have brown or grey skin like Mag’har ones? NO. Why not? BECAUSE IT MAKES NO SENSE

use the mush in your head; become smart.


You can. But it means that there is no “actual” void elf. That void elves can have little to no void elf corruption and still be considered one.


they want blonde-haired, light-skinned blood-elves, but with the name void-elves, in name only.



I am not sure we are supporting the same cause here.


we’re not.

I’m trying to show you the folly of your ways in a different manner.

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You are not. In a perfect world I would be able to make a high elf and void elf now. But because I cant I have a light skinned elf mage now and a void elf looking priest. Both are equally valid paths.


Maybe look at the context before being toxic?
My OP said if I did make a Void Elf they would look like the Void.
Zerde said “that went out the window the moment we got light skin tones”.
What does one have to do with the other? I can still make the character look corrupted by the Void.

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This is Blizzard’s fault in not giving them the decade-long requested High Elves in the first place. Would have they introduced the Void-aspect later, then we wouldn’t have to read those topics for years now.


I won’t be using the new hair colors just like I don’t generally use the new skin colors. High elves are boring and uninteresting, why would I want to play that?

Ooh silver would be nice. Or a salt & pepper.

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I mean, lets be real here, some don’t even want the void elf name and would be happy if it were changed to high elf lol. Not every person, but I’m sure there are some.


Yes, many resent Blizzard for screwing this race up so badly that it became a personal crusade. I do not understand those requests for unlocking Silvermoon City to the Alliance neither but this usually happens if you go out your way to ruin the player experience for people by giving them a compromise race. It’s all on themselves for the situation they are in.


I have four void elves, so fortunately I won’t have to restrict myself too much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll keep one rocking the iconic void elf blue skin and purple hair, though. Probably my warlock.

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This Void Elf needs to have Blonde hair yesterday - to match her name.

I can’t wait!!


These are the colors you’re going to get:

When will alliance players learn? Ion the alliance hater is not going to give you blond.

This is their tiny moment to proof how much they do listen to feedback ever since many players abandoned them for Final Fantasy 14. Otherwise it will not only be covered by Bellular and Asmongold, it will also be the final straw for other players.

what does that have to do with it making no sense that void-elves are losing the characteristics that make them void … the characteristics of their lore (albeit not very deep)?

Again, would you be on board with regular orcs being able to have regular brown or darkened skin? No. If you did, it would make Mag’har players feel like they have no distinguished qualities, something blood elf players are voicing.

orcs are fel-corrupted. Orcs are thus green
void elves are void-corrupted. Void elves are thus purple.

whining that roleplayers want high elves doesn’t suddenly make illogical changes to the game, logical.

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Sooner or later the character creator will only have one main model to pick (Orcs, in this case) and where your skin color attributes to which sub race you play. Down the line we will see something like this happen.