Blonde or Brunette, what will your Void Elf use?

Five new color options; what will they be? You have to assume blonde and brunette will be included. I’d wager a true white and a black will go as well. Maybe a redhead?

With Nice’n Easy on the horizon, I think I will probably go blonde. Maybe even switch my eyes to blue since the blue clashes with the various shades of purple we have now.

If there is a redhead option, though, it will be tempting.

So what is your plan?


If I do ever make a Void Elf I will make them look like an actual Void Elf with corrupted hair.


I love me a redhead. I will have to wait to see how it looks.


Pink, to look like Dio from Grand Chase


Yeah, I’m hoping for a true redhead, but a strawberry blonde might be nice. The anticipation is real!


blonde ,red or black prob



Nevermind ignore me. Apparently I didn’t read that post.


The blue post specifically notes natural colors. Why the lack of Customization? - #98 by Linxy


I might take advantage of a deep black.

Personally, I want a silver, a black, maybe an ash blonde dissimilar to what blood elves have, white, and… Something in a deep brunette.

But I’m basing that on precisely nothing beyond “What I would do if I had Five Natural Colors For Void Elves”.

The cynical part of me says, “Pff, blood elf cloned color that won’t even work on all their hairdos,” but I’m hoping it’s a bit more beefy than that.


I’ll be sticking with purple…because well, purple [and they have the eyes to match]. :purple_heart:


Neon Green.

I would personally love a dark brown, like the blood elves. I just wish the void elves got eyeliner. So my dude can look more goth and my chick and rock that too. Some cool void effects for eyeliner would be cool, or dark pits O.o

It would also be cool if we had voidform hair colors, like glowy hair, and the option for us to choose how it looks in voidform.


Both. I have multiple characters. I have an elven archer who will be brown haired and I have a mage who will be blonde. I also have a rogue who will definitely have some nice clean dark/black hair without any of that tinting cruft.


Purple and blue because those are the only acceptable void elf colors.


amen x 100000

i was reading this thread and slowly losing my sanity. You saved me.

i love you for it. Love you long time.


My void elves both use the grey so I’m inherently crabby about that.

Yeah, that went out the window the moment we got light skin tones. Personally, I think it should have always been high elves and Blizzard seems to be on a slow march to someday just make it that way(heck, just change the name to actually high elf, and give all their racials arcane themes while functioning the same and voila, high elves)

I’ll probably keep my elf’ blue hair because I like the color blue and it is as Alliance as possible but might switch to another color every now and then.


I’d like more hairstyles. Like a greasy look, no void tendrils or anything pretty.
I know we already have greasy hairstyles but I’d like some that make the hair look really dirty, unkempt so much that you can imagine smelling him/her before they get near you.

Pit stains would be a good touch, along with dirt smudges, smeared mascara, dark circles under puffy eyeballs, thin lines of snot trickling from the nose into their mouths with an emote that shows they use their hands to wipe and smear on their clothes.
Oh, and give them the worgen sniff too.

We need dirtier character options, Blizzard. Please, make it happen.


why … why are you like this?


Could also be a silverish color, something close to what Vereesa has. I’d be down for that or even a true black for my mage. We’ll have to see what Blizz actually offers us. Never forget the monkey paw, the favorite tool of Blizzard. They may just offer 5 different shades of gray :frowning:

Yeah we’re murder hobos that don’t access to baths hardly ever, there really should be some “dirtier” options and most of our characters are filthy as heck. Although IF I played on an RP realm I’d bust out this baby at the start of every session!