Blonde or Brunette, what will your Void Elf use?

Me too, I guess we don’t mind playing other factions. I hope it does bring more people to alliance, but I think they would have been better off giving us more goth options and allowed voidadins.

As far as the average Warcraft fan was concerned before TBC, the ‘High Elf’ was dead and in it’s place was the ‘Blood Elf’

Maiev:Kael, where are your high elven brethren? Do they not fight the undead as you do?

Kael’thas:The scourge devoured our ancient homeland of Quel’thalas. The once proud bloodline of my people is nearly spent. The few of us that remain now call ourselves Blood Elves, in homage to our murdered people.

And thus should it remain, High Elves gone and in their place was the rebranded Blood Elves. The High Elves in Outland is at large a mistake.

How did the blood elven fel eye glint become so widespread? The Warcraft Encyclopedia suggests that Rommath only taught the blood elves of Azeroth about how to siphon arcane magic, as most of the populace would likely be “horrified” if they knew the true extent of Kael’s dealings with Illidan.
The situation regarding blood elf eyes is, in fact, extremely similar to that of the green skin of orcs: just being around heavy use of fel magic turned the eyes of the blood elves green. You could be the most pious of priests or most outdoorsy of Farstriders, chances are, if you were a high elf in Quel’Thalas or Outland following the Third War, you were around fel energies, and your eyes would turn green.

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The High Elves at Allerian outpost would in the right of lore, have green eyes. The High Elves still remaining in Dalaran, and this includes Sunreavers and Silver Covenant, would by right of lore still have blue eyes (which some of spawned Sunreaver mobs actually do have, as noted in the Purge of Dalaran questline, nice attention to detail blizz) - although the Sunreavers would be joined by the Blood Elves of Silvermoon as well, thus having a mix of green and blue eyed members.

The fel corruption does not make the people.

That is a misconception. The distinction between Blood Elf and High Elf, is a large misconception overall. The split in their people is the exact same split that has existed for millennia in High Elven society, the few, the minority who was in favor of and liked working with the Alliance (For a majority of the time, Kael’thas was a part of this group) and the majority that preferred distancing themselves from the Alliance, wanting nothing to do with them (King Anasterian was a part of this group).

So no, it is more akin to asking for a peanut butter sandwich, then receiving a peanut butter sandwich, but then you get mad claiming it is not what you requested.


I have a void elf or two… though they too are Gnomes.



Yes, that would be a noid elf.


Or are they dragons?

Tiny Gnome sized dragons??? WANT!!!


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Chromie is a dragon.

She is the best dragon for being a Gnome.


It’s like I said before: Jet Black, Bone White, Peppered Gray, Sunset Red, and Dark Walnut. No other natural colors exist :face_with_monocle:

My plan is to keep my Void Elves void. I don’t want a copy + paste of my Blood Elves on the Alliance when there’s such a cool option to be void.


Umm there can be different levels of corruption, and the corruption can have different effects on each individual elf. Especially when you factor in class abilities — like mages being able to look different with their magic, or priests being able to hold the corruption effects at bay.

But thinking outside the box like that requires an even greater use of the mush inside your head. It’s ok, no one is perfect.

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dark purple

Besides the number of high elf npcs, that seem to grow every expansion.

I don’t get the disconnect here. Blonde hair, blue eyed elves are bad, but taking literal blood elves and turning them goth is fine?


You have basically the same problem with the Mag’har Orcs who are actually four different clans pushed into one race. The Void Elves will fulfill the same role now for the Alliance. And the Bronzebeards.

A compromise race, yes.

That’s totally fine. I will also make a new character who serves as a “High Elf” then. Perhaps two, a Silver Covenant character and actually one I really want to play.

It’s one of these often quoted “case in emergency” moments where you get what you want but only when sub numbers are down.

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Neither is good at the end of the day, but if we were to give the Alliance the Blood Elf model, then I would agree with blizzard that there would have to be an obvious visual distinction, and something which sets them apart from their not corrupted brethren…

If we were to introduce plain High Elves as a playable race on Alliance, please tell what kind of difference it would have that the Blood Elves could not have. I am sure I can absolutely tear apart any attempts at doing so and being well within lore while doing it, because at the end of the day, they are the same people having suffered the same fate, with the same bodies and the same addiction to magic.

While a Void Elf would pretty much share story with the High Elves and Blood Elves as well, it is their future potential that sets them apart from either. And while I do have little hope of blizzard actually managing to bank in on this potential, there is no denying that Void Elves set in a void-themed expansion has a helluva lot of potential. They are not only of void, they hear the void whispers, they travel through the void via. portals.

Wait what? Void elves are getting more hair colors?

Obviously, silver, although it would not make up for the lost intimidating cosmetics, this character would not look like Nosferatu wearing a wig.

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I like the dark blue on this gal for obvious reasons.

However, I’d love to be able to switch to more non-tentacly hairstyles, and I especially love that tiara style that I hope we get!

High elves have blue eyes. Unless I’m wrong, blood elves get blue, green, and golden eyes. Blood elves also get paladins and demon hunters.

This argument for visual distinction fails when we remember that pandaren exist. No one complains about having to tell them apart by faction.

oh right, so a void elf with blonde hair and pale skin is just a midly-corrupted void elf.

lets put in regular orcs with brown skin and just call them ‘mildly affected with fel - orcs’

you tried, you really did. You still don’t make logical sense.

never seen someone try to grasp at a straw this hard just to defend void elves that look exactly like blood elves.