Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

This is spot on


Yeah lets never add anything new because itll make the 17 year old system feel outdated.


I agree with you. Blizzard this is not the way to get your players back. A 5 min cool down that can not be used in combat, instances, or “transmog runs”. For world pvp, Druid’s flight form has more impact and power over Soar. You have an awful reputation for nerfing fun and here you are holding onto that reputation. You want to show the community you changed, that we should play your games? Then make things better not worse.

People want to move fast, people want to teleport everywhere, nobody wants to look upon the old world as they fly from point A to Point B, which is why afking and auto running on flying or afking on flight path is so common. People get up or tab out because no one cares. Anyone who agree’s to this nerf has no idea how soar works. We have people commenting this would be broken in battlegrounds, it doesn’t even work in instances why are you taking peoples feedback like that?

The majority of people who are unhappy about this are people who won’t touch dracthyr in the first place or never cared about the soar feature. And if by some weird chance they did they are a very small minority. I thought you “gave up” on appeasing the 1% and you were gonna commit more to “the silent majority” yet here you are doing the exact opposite. Its like you’re actively trying to piss off your audience and kill your game.

People want dragon flying in old world content, people want all their flying mounts to be able to “Dragon fly”, so will you buff soar when you let dragon flying in the old world after the next expansion comes out or will you keep soar nerfed then too? You’re not thinking about the longevity of your game again which got to the mass exodus in the first place.

People want normal flying to have increased speeds too but you haven’t buffed them since cata, soar / dragonflying is the answer to that but you’re already nerfing one and keeping the other limited to the new zones this will not make players happy or be loyal to you.


in fun vs practicality and fairness to all the second should win all the time

This is wonderfully put. This is exactly the kind of thing that drove so many players away from Shadowlands.


There isnt a single thing unfair about moving quicker in empty zones that are 40 to 60 levels beneath cap.


This guy gets it.


They can’t help themselves. Can’t wait to see what’s coming.


Brace yourselves for another failed expansion if this is the direction theyre going to go.


Soar isn’t practical though. It’s just flavor for the dragon race. Portals are still more practical and king for transportation.

Soar requires a high point and is a 5m CD.


The insane thing is this advantages no one in any meaningful way.

To nerf it makes no sense at all.

“Oh my god he can jump of Hyjal and get to Gadgetzan or something!!!” oh noooo


Blizzard Matra: If the players like something nerf or remove it and if they hate it double down.

All the good feelings towards Blizz in regards to the changes we have been seeing going forward with DF and Season 4 (pre this week) have pretty much been shot down by Blizzard’s actions.

It’s like they have this uncontrollable need to take a big steamy dump on their players and snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory.


It’s just such a weird nerf. I’m so tired man.


Anybody remember when early in the Shadowlands development process, Ion decided that some Alliance streamer leveled too fast because of the 30% Alliance warmode bonus? He nerfed all leveling xp by 30%, which meant that only players in warmode, and sometimes only Alliance, were able to level up. There were many long threads on this problem. It wasn’t fixed until a few days before release, and because it was a knee jerk fix to a knee jerk fix, it was still buggy.


Just reading this post ruptured a vein in my head.

310 flying was available in Wrath. You just had to have the achievement ‘What a long strange trip it has been’ which awarded the drake and increased speed. They removed the speed increase in MoP.

True but it is another thing to add to the list this week .

Leading up to this most of the stuff was looking like a Barry Bonds /Mark McGuire home run derby .

Now what they are doing is looking like

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That’s exactly how it feels lmao. My hype train is stopped on the tracks all of a sudden.



Nobody will convince me that Blizz doesnt have a humiliation kink at this point.