BLIZZARD! why soar 30% nerf change makes no sense!

Has anyone even given a good reason Soaring really fast is OP and broken other than “because my class can’t” or “because it is” I’m not sure how traversing the old world and fast speeds is a problem at all. Even if blizz puts new content in the old world, why does it matter if they can get a quest done faster? There is no bonus for completion time…

Chromie Time

  • chromie time makes 0 sense since they wont be able to do it as Dracthyr they will hit 60 before they leave the starting zone meaning no chromie time. Its just another dumb decision chromie time past 60 is 100% trivial.

Trivial Content

  • old content world bosses matter? there is many phases/shardings they are almost 100% up at all times

World PVP

  • world pvp still an irrelevant excuse theres many other classes/race with mobility/abilities to escape and jump on there flying mount?

Some people have argued that neto-matic is to solve that but don’t forget it has a cooldown/cast time so does Soar!

and isnt there a mount equipment item to stop that?

soar cant be used in pvp lol or combat its only a glide and you have to use it from high peaked places to even gain mobility

not to mention You don’t get 900% speed using Soar immediately, and it is a 5min CD

soar can only be used once every 5min and fly on one continent

someone on a steady 310% speed mount or taking portals “theres more portal than just mages portals” or any other way of transportation can catch up in that time very easily which i feel make’s the argument irrelevant

Forms of better transportaion?

  • to talk about mage portals and other transportation

Mages portals with no CD have fixed locations but the locations are main points of interest. If you are in lets say Ravendreth and you have cooldown on hearthstone and you want to go to Oribos, it takes like 5 minutes to fly there. If you are not a mage it takes like 5 minutes to find a mage to port you there.

as a mage you can farm almost any old content raid or dungeon faster then Dracthyr. You want to farm Onyxia? Port to Theramore. You want to do legion raids? Teleport to order hall and you have portal to every Legion zone. Northrend raids? Teleport to Dalaran. What can Drakthyr do? Hearthstone to stormwind fly to mage district tower teleport to dalaran. By the time the dracthyr is in Dalaran the mage is already in the raid.

930% speed is perfect for dracthyr if it is slower it does not feel as good. If it would be any higher it would be hard to control, or some old PCs would not render objects and textures fast enough.

  • demon hunters can glide in raids and dungeons it does not matter how fast what matters is they can do it while others cannot.

  • Dracthyr can fly at 930% speed but only once per 5 minutes. The speed of Dracthyr is balanced by the long cooldown.

  • Druids can pick herb while mounted, it is instant cast and it does not have 5 minute cooldown.

Its not like Dracthyr can’t gather using soar like druids can they have to land and get out of soar mode wich has a 5min cd

You can’t effectively stay in the air or gather herbs when dragon riding.

  • you can hit auto run and afk on a normal mount.

  • worgens and druids could mount in the maw and no one else could and blizz basically said deal with it? And that was a current content Advantage not a old world/trivial content,

  • Shamans, get a unique transportation ability, as well! A permanent sprint, usable in combat and indoors, and a second hearth! To anywhere they want!

It’s almost like different classes and races can’t have different perks!

  • This is a unique new race/class combo added to the game

The argument that Soar is a “racial” ability and is overpowered compared to other racial abilities fails in my opinion. This is because Dracthyr and Evokers are mutually exclusive. You can essentially consider every Evoker class ability a racial ability and every Dracthyr racial ability a class ability.

And in trying you argue other wise, youd have to consider taking all of the dracthyr racials out of the evokers talent tree’s

Why can’t we keep a unique philosophy feel for each class/race?

Exactly what blizzard was stating that they wanted to bring back to the game

But as soon as they do people whine aww my class doesn’t have that?

Pick your poison!

  • Not to mention the nerf was only for trivial content. So how much of an advantage does it really give, in the grand scheme of things?

You don’t get 900% speed using Soar immediately! soar is on a 5min CD

  • to gain great distance you need to be up/at a high peak to even reach such a greater speed lol and have to be far too attentive with it to even stay aloft, nobody has any idea yet until they try it for themselves just how actually difficult it can be to keep flying. and doesn’t have any of the recharge abilities the dragon riding has

P.S. why would you ever want to use Soar over Dragon Riding in Dragon isles

people would love the trivial option to use Soar over dragon riding once in a while on a 5min cd

as a dragon Race with wings

Dragons riding Dragons? makes no sense? Lol

why should it of been nerfed in Dragon isles? let alone old content thats not relevant?

there are many ways of transportation to get around all of old content this is only some of them

  • mage portals + city portals + engineering portals, neche portal rings/cloaks

  • mole machine for dwarf’s, double hearth camp for vulpera

  • Dungeouns Portals and there also adding in raid portals in wow shaodwlands season 4?

Not to mention thats worldwide and not restricted by Continents/zones

Guys don’t forget, YOU CAN’T fly with Soar, it’s just a very fast Glide 2.0 on a ridiculously long CD

Not to mention that its only usable in open world nothing else.

This is a unique new race/class combo added to the game

look how many people think its a transport mechanic or a full replacer for Dragonriding and flying.

Its just a flavor racial that lets you move a short distance very very quickly.

I know. Uniqueness stinks! Get it out of this game.

Nobody is going to switch to Dracthyr for the convience of traveling in old world zones. Dracthyr literally cant be any race but evoker, cant use mogs, and soar is inferior to dragonriding in every way.

A really good anology i seen someone say earlier Picture this,

You’re watching NASCAR, and the racers are zooming around at 200mph or some crazy speed, you can hear the roaring engines, you can see the safety fence shaking from the air displacement as the cars rush by at top speed.

That’s pretty fun. That’s exciting.

The next race, though, they decide that 200mph is too fast, so they limit racers to going 60 mph, which is the speed limit for a lot of ordinary daily drivers on the highway.

It’s still a cool car, it’s still a race, but it’s going a lot slower.

Do you really think it’s going to be as exciting as it was before? It doesn’t matter if you’ve ‘experienced it’ or not. You must know, on some implicit level, that reducing the speed of a race car is going to make that race car less fun to drive.

Who cares? It’s flying from A to B, If changing it back is such a major problem

  • (Solution1) “If it’s too damn powerful” then let people use their dragonriding in Azeroth.

  • (Solution2) change it back in Dragon islands where there is so called no advantage and give a buff in old trival content outside Dragon islands “un formiliar skies” and reduced the speed only outside Dragon islands for trivial content if it really matters that much.

There’s certainly no “auto-walk” with Soar, that’s for sure.

Why kill the HYPE /or Philosophy that’s been going so strong for Dragonflight!

I hope that this is not going to be another feature that takes them an entire expansion to realize that folks just wanna have fun with it.

Light forbid let people just have some good fun with blizzards new damn system.

In refer to


tried to list as many quotes from people also discussing the issue with me


tried to list as many quotes from people also discussing the issue with me


tried to list as many quotes from people also discussing the issue with me


tried to list as many quotes from people also discussing the issue with me


tried to list as many quotes from people also discussing the issue


You still will be faster with a 30% nerf than normal mounts at max speed.
And it’s usable everywhere unlike other tools.

There’s so many hearstones and engineers tool to teleports that ports aren’t considered
op anymore. Keeping soar un-nerfed would be like saying dks and paladins should go twice the speed of other classes on mounts.


did you read the post at all?


I fast read it and it doesn’t adress the fact that it’s still good even after nerf.

Mucho texto >.>

Too lazy to read all that tbh but honestly surprised people aren’t raising a fuss over their two other racials Wing Buffet (AOE knock back) and Tail Swipe (AOE Knock up)

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thank for reading, it does infact state the fact of all the above!


All you’re trying to do is a big hyperbole why the ability is dead, when in fact it’s not and I’ll trade you 5% more experience when you kill beasts for it.

This may legitimately be a sign that the blizzard “wE’rE LiSTenInG” cycle is 100% intentional

Break the game in alpha with easy to repair BAD things

Let Players get mad and complain about small bad things

Come out with “”“fixes”"" for intentionally bad decisions in X.3 patch just in time to hype sales numbers new expansion.

At this point it may be safe to say you might want to get a refund and wait till 10.3 unless you like the exclusive items (but they usually let you buy even that stuff latter with digital deluxe)


i dont think you understand or have read what the arguement is about


At this point you’re lost if you can’t understand what I’m saying or so closed off in your own bubble you can’t see the outside world. The dracthyr ability is still good, no you don’t need to go twice at the speed as someone else in the old world for that.

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One thing I feel like I should mention:

Unlike normal flying mounts, you don’t start out at max speed with Soar.

You can’t just jump in the air and shoot off like a rocket.

Unless you start from a high vantage point, you most likely won’t get the momentum you need to reach maximum speed.

It’s not something that you’ll reasonably be able to accomplish very often, especially not with a 5 minute cooldown.


I’ve seen video with timers, you go about twice the speed still. Even if it requires some gimmick. Yes you’ll be able to use it often in the outside world, it’s not that bad to use. And most travel take you less than 5 mins unless you’re crossing a whole map.

i have mentioned all of this in the first post, some people just enjoy trolling on these threads


whats the advantage? and have you read why it was nerfed? thats the arguement here!


Uhhh, you can get to heckin’ pet battlerinos, mog farms and epic CHROMIE TIME quests?!?!?!
Face it, chud, it’s Op.