Blizzard Who Hurt You? - Soar Nerf

Actually, it’s not just for old-world content.

Consider that Soar will still be in the game for future expansions AFTER Dragonflight. If it were overpowered, it might give a real gameplay advantage in progression content in those future expansions.

Of course Blizzard could nerf Soar at the end of Dragonflight… but there would be far more protest if they did so then after everyone had enjoyed it for 2-years, than if they do so now during the Dragonflight Alpha.

I’m not someone who cares about going from point A to B faster than regular mounts.

I care about the potential stunts you can do with both Dracthyr and dragon riding.

I regularly play GW2, and flying my Griffon is the funnest thing for me to do in my downtime when I’m not doing content.
There’s a whole community there dedicated to flying and nothing else; it’s a different kind of hobby.
I feel while it’ll still be possible to dive into narrow spaces with the potentiality of screwing it up by landing and having to wait a whole 5 grueling minutes to do it again at the speed they nerfed it to, going that extra bit faster the Dracthyr were given actually adds to the challenge.
And believe me: its challenging- and fun to test your reflexes.

5 minute CD.

You are not FLYING with Soar. You are gliding.

You do not have DRAGON RIDING capabilities with Soar.

It is NOT efficient or OP vs. portals or druid flight form.

Explain to me what advantage someone is getting as they glide from a restrictive HIGH POINT REQUIREMENT to even get to these speeds?

Explain to me how this is any more of an advantage then normal flying with no CD.

Explain to me why they should nerf Soar instead of adding it for everyone to enjoy with Dragon Riding in Azeroth.


That’s fine so long as it’s no imposing on others that like regular flying.

You obviously haven’t watched the Youtube videos where someone in the Alpha Soared halfway across one of the Vanilla continents in half the time it takes an epic flying mount.

That’s not “just gliding”. Gliding is what Goblin Gliders can do. Or maybe what Demon Hunters have. If Soar were just gliding, nobody would be protesting in this thread so much.

You can do this by going to the Mt. Hyjal cataclysm PORTAL. You can then go to the caverns of time portal.

Oh my OH NO, someone landed faster then the flying mount in a very inefficient route!

It is literally gliding with momentum gained from a very high point.


This has nothing to do with regular flight.
Neither is it imposing anything but simply fun.

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It will be and people would want it in all flying mounts ,watch and see. This soar really was for dracthyr character more than mount and i can see why they have forsight and speed they have an advantage .

Which is their choice to utilize because everyone will be getting Dragon Riding. Soar isn’t Dragon Riding and doesn’t have any functionality of it.

Soar is fast gliding. That’s it.

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In what, pray tell?

If people want to use dragon riding and Soar, they will.

If people want to only use the current flight/mount system, they will.

Simple; its a different form of flight and optional, I don’t see why its gotta be one or the other.

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If Blizzard would just step into the 2010s of games with large worlds they would add more fast travel points and this would be even more of a non-issue.


I maybe wrong,forsight you can see from afar right?

Foresight is more of a ‘prediction’ word. Seeing an outcome before it happens.

Really,do you really believe blizz wouldn’t take away flight when you protest it ?

Not quite.

Soar does come with a couple on-use abilities that give you altitude and increase your speed. I think you can only use them once per cast though.

True gliding wouldn’t include abilities like this.

Thought was similar to shamans .

I wouldnt put it past them to do it, but the way you respond to most these threads regarding the new flight system, you appear threatened by it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Until they otherwise state this is the new going forwards, you have both options.

Dragon riding and Soar are optional.

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Your argument doesn’t make sense. Who cares that something required to be fully utilized at a high peak has someone falling faster? What advantage is there. I want to know what they are gaining over other players.

Faster travel? How are they traveling faster then mages? How are they traveling faster then other players utilizing portals?

Flying mounts do not have a 5m CD or require momentum to function. They are a steady 310%.


I doubting it,though i would try it, i’m cautious about any change .