Blizzard, please ban GDKPs

I said it, it’s evidently clear when logging in the negative impact gdkps have on this game. Ghost towns with chat spam all with gdkps and it’s getting worse leading into icc.

Please blizzzard, if you care about classic, please ban gdkps


The only thing banning GDKPs in game will do is move GDKPs to discord. And if GDKPs move to discord exclusively, its only a matter of time before it becomes $DKP


“Ghost towns” but also simultaneously constantly active raiding groups recruiting lmao

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da game chat does look like dis. no real player interaction, only gdkp spam.

take a look at dis guild asking for da gold cap to be raised.
Gold cap too low . plus da same guild asking for nerfs Nerf Ulduar .

haha. here is a photo of a guilds guild master telling buyers in da gold selling discord how to get priority spots in da gdkp discord. note da ranks n color of their name in da discord. green is gdkp leader.

imgur. com/a/yboW7Pw

a guild officer dat also sells gold on a discord while also running a gdkp discord. note da ranks n color of their name in da discords.

imgur. com/a/YdnNCOj

screenshot of dat same guilds gdkp discord promoting da same gold selling discord. haha. note da ranks n color of their name in da discord. yellow is leader.

imgur. com/a/GyQcgZf

dis one gold farming operation had 45,000,000 gold sold in tbc classic with da price of 12 usd dollars per 1000 gold. imagine how much has been sold in wotlk.

540,000 usd real life money earned through one gdkp selling gold to people. no one can say dis does not ruin da spirit of classic n promote pay to win culture. too much gold in da game from bots.

think about all da other gold farming operations on da classic servers. dis is just one example. now u have wow token blizzard gold farming operation.

dis is a lot of real life money being earned.

haha. so funny.

haha update 150,000,000 gold now sold through dis gdkp. real life money earned now up to 750,000 usd.

remember dis is only one gdkp. now with wow token n da thousands of other gdkps. take a step back n look at da big picture.


Oh, here’s Boogienight posting the exact same copypasta in weird english that they post in every GDKP thread


I can’t believe he is still linking that Nerf Ulduar thread and hasn’t noticed.

My experience with gdkp is vastly different. It has enabled me to raid to my heart’s content. I do my guild raids and then I put like 5 alts through TOGC. I get like 80k gold per week this way, and I spend most of it right back buying gear.

My main guild character is of course still my best geared, but all of my alts are 5200+ gear score and I have learned much more about playing these classes than I would have learned otherwise.


It’s 2023 and people are still malding about gdkp. Lmao. There’s no way to ban gdkp.


It’s just not happening. If they wanted to do something toward them they would have done it sooner.

ones who mainly suffer from GDKP are Guilds whom don’t have a full complete roster. GDKPs take away from those because why join a guild when u can go solo, spend some gold and earn loot, then whens all done get a % of the pot from those who spent money and walk away a little more richer than before, also there’s no point in doing dailies, no point in farming herbs/ore/leather and posting them on AH when u can do 1 run and walk away with bucket tons of gold.

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They think they are cool I supposed… But what they are telling us is, they are an alt of someone in this thread but trying to mask their writing so you can’t tell who it is.

This gives me an idea. Maybe Blizz should just put the Raid gear on the Webshop. I’d buy some items for 20 bucks a pop. Then I can skip raiding and just have the gear I want to have fun.

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LMAO that is hilarious

So there we go…
Put all the gear into the store, add-to-cart, pay and boom – all BIS and you’re ready to go, except no one is going to raid or do dungeons because you can buy all the gear you need so everyone will just login and stand around in Dalaran looking good.

You sir, should be in the big chair making the big decisions :smiley:

This and That are not to hard to spell… Dis an Dat sound ignorant.

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Its lame and you may aswell not play the game…

So are you suggesting that there’s a way I can sell even my own stock of gold for real life money? I’ve always been a gentleman goldfarmer, but I have never been, uh, a “professional” one.

I hate raiding and doing dungeons. I only do them for the gear. If I can skip the pain of doing them and get the gear then enjoy the game. That would be nice.

Exactly! The game starts when you are in BiS just speed it up a bit.

So if you have all BIS gear, the highest you can obtain in the game from all of the current content bosses, what game are you going to play, since it just starts then (according to you)?

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I mean… ok?

There is zero chance blizzard would ever make a change like that, so it’s all fantasy land.