Blizz, can spriest get in on double Lego’s?

Since we’re getting a season 4 and thus probably another year of SL, can we get updates on our legendaries?

Everyone knows spriest has the worst pvp legendaries in the game. They suck in pve too with SFP being the default legendary cuz everything else sucks too. We also have 3/4 of our covenants being awful for pvp, but that’s separate argument.

Our only decent covenant was nerfed by 40% this patch. Can we get a fun or power increase similar to hunters with venthyr covenant leggo? WW monks with Xuens, invoke, keefer’s, dks have several, wars have several, and the list goes on.

Our second legendary for pvp right now is stratagem, but it’s bonus increase is still low because how weak mindblast base damage is. Maybe increase the damage bonus in pvp from pve.

You’ve had 2 years to develop shadowlands + release, like cmon man. Take an hour from hotfixing mythic raid world race and make some adjustments

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I remember the laments over having to play Sephuz and the spec was still excellent.

  1. Spriest as a whole is very strong despite it possibly not having a great selection of choices for legendaries.
  2. One of spriests strengths is survivability both personally and for it’s team which their smend lego helps tremendously with.

With that said I do support the idea of devs buffing underused/bad legendaries so people have more choices.


Times have changed since then friend. I mean last few weeks I’ve even seen fury wars running around.

Yes! Considering it’s a major feature of the expansion, we have too many bland/boring legendaries. It’s also like that for some specs with regards to 4pc bonuses.

It’s feast or famine for some, and it sucks.

You know what hasn’t changed? Shadow being insanely good.


Shadow is still best caster. And uh dude. Our set bonus olus talbs is disgusting. And night fae is also disgusting. Idk what ur on about


Nah mage is best caster. Night fae disgusting? Ain’t nobody gonna sit there and manage those stupid guardians, you crazy wth :rofl:


You don’t have to manage the guardians. You just throw the cd reduction up on your teammates or yourself and that’s it. The tier set damage is also amazing and with it talbards, and mind devourer, your looking at insane instant cast damage.

Double PI lego is the GOAT.

Nothing like playing Aff Spriest Hpriest, when I can PI the lock and me, with the Hpriest PI in reserve.

Not to mention the double mindgames / shackles :rofl:
Good ole Dispel Cleave.

Fae Insanity regeneration seems pretty good. I wanna try mindbender with Shadowflame Prism and cleave with splay or rps. You’ll get a lot of mindblast procs to keep it up with 2 piece and it’s a go every minute. Plus during Void Form I’m sitting close to 80% haste if I stand in that pool the second person gives. Pet prob bangs

Insanely? Idk about “insanely”. Guess I could see it from a hunter’s pov tho it may seem like that. Shadow is not “insanely” good right now. Demo is insane. RMX is insane.

Shadow is insane.

Venthyr priest leggo is probably the worst one in the game


youre asking for more borrowed power rn?


In most cases, you’re not wrong.
But paired with an Afflic lock (and a Venthyr Hpriest too :rofl:), its pretty scary when they don’t want to/can’t dispel anything.
The crit bonus from it being dispelled is kinda meh, but it does help snipe a big swdeath kill on a healer if he does dispel and eat a big UA crit.

Night fae korryn plus speed ring u naturally move 130 percent speed and mount speed with shape-shifting. So nasty kiting plus fears. U can put walls on ally and refresh their cds. Splay night fae refreshing infernal is disgusting. And all that insanity plus talbs and set bonus does stupid damage. All 4 covs are busted for shadow. It’s only weak bracket is 2s and that’s because dhs are hunters bum rush us and prevent damage.

It is insanely good right now. Great toolkit, damage, and instant set up. You might not 100-0 someone like demo but your damage is still no joke. Also RMP has always been insane and in a league of its own, no real use comparing anything else to it.

As a resto shaman, your cries about set bonuses fall on deaf ears.


SFP use to slap early on in SL, used that quite a bit. Then they nerfed it’s dps smh. I wish they would tweak void tendril legendary. Looks cool, fits the theme, and works with 4pc. But it’s duration is too long, should be max 8 seconds. Needs higher proc rate and unfortunately you rarely cast flay or sear in pvp

What’s the alternative ? I’m not a fan of borrowed power, but I’ve been around long enough to know that wow devs arent going to make significant changes to systems or class abilities and talents as an expansion nears end of life. I’d advocating for making current stuff/items not suck and tweak it.

There’s currently 11 dps specs with more representation than spriest above 2400 3’s.

What does that make those specs, then?