Blizz: Buffs Damage/Health 25%, then nerfs everything 20-30%

So Blizz goes ahead and buffs damage and health of everything by 25%, supposedly to make damage feel “less spiky” and make healers spend more GCDs healing.

Then 10.1 drops, and it’s just been a STEADY string of nerfing mechanics by a rather interesting 20-30% (approximately)…


Curious. It almost seems like the 25% damage/health buff (aka healing nerf) didn’t quite accomplish it’s intended goal if you have to go in and start nerfing the hell out of the dungeons to make it work. It’s almost like…something else entirely is the problem.


I think you’re conflating two different things. There’s a difference between overturned dungeons and what they did overall to health pools and mobs.

This also isn’t new. They did the same thing the beginning of DF.


The not so funny thing is. There was more than one time they “squished” everyone’s HP and the NPC hp because it was taking too long to kill things. I guess they would rather have us beat on something for half an hour than to actually create unique encounters anymore. Just watch the next step will be to do another “squish” where they take all those HP back. It has been their pattern.


aside from healers not getting compensatory buffs stuff would have been overtuned anyway since they buffed mob damage and player hp the same so the ratio didnt change

edit - said hp instead of damage


You mean when they made healing a miserable experience and then repeated it again for season 2…?

So you agree, Blizz is repeating the same mistake and expecting different results.

I’m waiting for this, too. Towards the end of Legion we were getting some crazy high numbers they had to squish for BfA, and with the way they’re cranking up numbers I’m sure this will happen again sooner rather than later.


Healing wasn’t and isn’t a miserable experience for me. I was perfectly fine last season.

No. I don’t. Please don’t put words in my mouth and ignore what else was said.


Right but it’s a repeating cycle, and there is a small point here.

Blizzard has been pushing the narrative that healers are too powerful in most forms of content in their minds. But then when they bring people into encounters, there isn’t enough healing that can feasibly be done in the first place in order to actually keep people alive, even with their expanded health pools.

Then we have major nerfs go through almost immediately because people cannot down the content. Whereas if we had kept the HP pools and the amount of damage people had been doing proper involving course pacing, we likely wouldn’t be having these situations.

Healers all throughout DF have been (especially in PvP) fairly miserable because of the design direction. At least the healers I talk to.


Your singular experience does not speak for everyone, and the repeated gutting of dungeon mechanics through season 1 proves that healing toolkits were NOT capable of handle the insane damage profiles they introduced in DF dungeons. Sorry, I’m not buying it.

Literally this. This whole post. Thank you, you get it.

Look ya’ll, it’s simple. If you buff everything 25% and then have to nerf damage by near equal values, ya done messed up. It’s not a model that’s working. This story of healers being too strong is ridiculous when they have to go in and start slashing the damage THEY JUST BUFFED 25% to make the dungeons feasible.


You’re an evoker, of course it was fine for you lol


They’ve doubled down. I expect to see them continue to double down until they see the results they think these changes should be producing, because that’s their normal pattern of “trying to make things work”.

They first tried making healing and dungeons harder in Cata. It didn’t work then, but I guess they’re still convinced it would have if only they hadn’t caved when so many players quit.

Surely with the next “squish” they will see different results, and all the healers will automagically git gud.


This comment is accurate:

People don’t seem to understand that. All they want to focus on is what they think is a nerf to healers.

I don’t PvP and I was never once “miserable.” Nor were any of my healers friends. Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal.


I have a Resto Druid, Resto Shaman and Mistweaver Monk. I play them all.

And if you want to try to use that poor excuse, OP is an Evoker, which doesn’t go along with your statement.


Your anecdotes are anecdotal as well, especially given the wealth of comments on this overall.

This is like the politician (not Trump) who claimed that “They stole the election from me, I know I must have won because people told me they voted for me.”


That was by far the most nonsensical reply I’ve seen from you lately. And you make them a lot.

Literally nowhere am I trying to win something, I’m giving my perspective and opinion, which others are doing as well. But because you don’t like it, suddenly I’m some politician? Get a grip.

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You have already told us that everyone with different experiences in the game is doing it wrong. LOL. Yeah, whatever you say. Now you’ve got me wondering who the forum alts you had to discontinue after previous failed attempts to gaslight people became too obvious.

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Absolutely nowhere was this said. Once again making things up to further some insane narrative.

Nowhere is there any gaslighting. If you can’t comprehend that me giving my own anecdotal evidence and Shad giving his own anecdotal evidence are just that: our personal perspectives that look different… then you’ve got problems with reading comprehension.

There are always different opinions and perspectives. Literally nowhere is one right or wrong. Shedding light on how the system works and giving perspectives is all that’s happening here.

Take the ridiculous nonsense somewhere else. A permanent ignore is overdue for you.

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Yo me they are looking at the people that for some reason think they should be able too do 20s easily at 415 ilvl. Aka the people that dont understabd that we are very low on ilvl rn.

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The problem Blizzard had with healers was that they were too good at burst healing which meant that burst damage was the only way to kill people and they wanted to move away from that model.

Those abilities would still be a problem even if they didn’t change Healers. Brackenhide is a good example, doing it on a 17 this week and our Evoker would Deep Breath in, get Scented Meat mid-air and be dead before he landed.

In Fort Freehold, if you don’t kill the Knuckledusters first, one stack of bolstering almost guarantees a death when they shout.

Those abilities are overtuned completely independent of the design philosophy of Healing.


theres a meme about evokers using their breath/jump abilities to their deaths that i really wish i cba to share

Its weird people think several abilities being nerfed means everything is nerfed

Most abilities are untouched, but that doesn’t fit the narrative