WoW Hotfixes - Updated July 13

It’s a “side game” that offers better rewards than the “main game”.

Who plays outlaw in PvP lol? Never seen that ever…

Haha good joke. Nice one.

Another day, another hotfix, no mention of WW.



Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

May 18, 2023

Dungeons and Raids

  • Fixed an issue that, in many cases, prevented Flightstones from dropping Normal and Heroic dungeons and bosses in Aberrus on all difficulties.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing too many Bonus Flightstones to be awarded when a player in the group increases their M+ rating.
  • Mythic+
    • Brakenhide Hollow
      • Rotbow stalker’s Scented Meat periodic damage reduced by 25%.
      • Rotbow stalker’s Scented Meat impact damage reduced by 30%.
      • Hackclaw’s Warband
        • Updated the visual indicator for Savage Charge.
    • Halls of Infusion
      • Glacial Proto-Dragon’s Deep Chill periodic damage reduced by 20%.
    • Neltharion’s Lair
      • Vileshard Crawlers no longer trigger on-death affix effects.


  • The quest “Power Unified” should now only consume one Spark of Shadowflame upon completion and reward 2.


  • Fixed an issue causing the progress bar for “Glimmerfish Before It’s Gone” to not appear.
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Any chance of retroactively giving those who raided already this week the flightstones they should have received?


With all these updates can we get some god damn dreadful item drops I am 25 boss kills in and have seen 1 damn thing of dreadful drop like the new gear is cool if you actually dropped my God damn tier…

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It’s fun that they blanket increased HP and mob damage, only to have to constantly go back and trim mob damage by the same amount (or more).

You can just see how that meeting went:

“Okay guys we’re going to increase HP and mob damage by 25 percent, should work out pretty much the same!”
“What about outliers?”
“Oh I’m sure there will be one or two, we’ll fix them as they come up”

… as they come up:

“Patch notes: Outlier #37 nerfed by 20-30%”

Wait… we were supposed to be getting flightstones from raid bosses? Any flightstones gonna be sent out for like the 35 + boss kills with zero flightstones so far?

This. 17 bosses per week across two characters with zero flightstones… and now i’m finding out i was supposed to be getting them.

Will there be compensation to players affected by “Power Unified” bugging out?


  • The quest “Power Unified” should now only consume one Spark of Shadowflame upon completion and reward 2.

So I put in a bug report on this. I received one from the weekly, completed the quest and I received the 2

I had PvP victory, and that netted me 1

I have yet to receive my 4th, despite doing the Rep. weekly, and the other PvP weekly.

Could it be because at the start, I got 1 from Malica (for the weekly)
and then 2 from the quest (even though I really should’ve only gotten 1)
and then I got one from a PvP victory.

So technically I only received 3 splinters
but because I got one, turned it in to get two (which now would look like I have three) and then I got the other from my victory (which looks like the 4th)

I’m just wondering if even though I physically got 3 splinters, is it possible that because I needed one to make it two (because of the quest) if something sees it as me getting 3?

Either way, I’m not getting my 4th and GM’s tell me “keep tying other sources until you get it”

Obsidian Aspectral Earthstone is not being awarded for those that got the achievement prior to the bug.
How will we get that item now as when i raised a ticket, the GM that responded said there is no bug that they are aware of…

How can i now get this item as i can’t undo the achievement

Would be nice. I lost a splinter because of it.

As did I, and many others. I hope they make it right, before the weekend.

Shouldn’t this read “Splintered” Spark of Shadowflame?

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

May 19, 2023

Dungeons and Raids

  • Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
    • Fixed an issue where some Voracious Magma Worms could not be attacked.
    • Rashok, the Elder
      • Fixed an issue where Rashok can sometime not jump to target player’s location during Searing Slam.
  • Mythic+
    • Brackenhide Hollow
      • Brackenhide Gnolls no longer trigger Mythic Keystone affix effects on death.
    • Halls of Infusion
      • Containment Apparatus health reduced by 10%.
      • Limited Immortality is now properly cleared from players when starting a new mythic keystone.


  • Fixed an error where the world event “Researchers Under Fire" was not switching objectives correctly on the weekly reset.
    • Developers’ notes: This fixes a bug that was preventing the Researchers Under Fire event from rotating to the Zaqali Ruin Investigation. It should now be taking players to the Molten Overflow for the remainder of this reset period. The event will rotate each week between the Titan Lockdown and Zaqali Ruin Investigation areas.

Thanks, Sanq! We’ve seen waves of Raid fixes and and mythic+ tuning. When can we expect pvp tuning this season?

submitted a CS ticket 13hrs and 20+ min ago inquiring on my loot lost to the quest bug that has been fixed. It’s great that other players wont get swindled, but what is the team doing to make it right for those of us who have been? BTW that ticket is still open with zero response. CS response time needs serious attention…