BGs need a minimum stat clamp

I think the effort-to-loss ratio is in favor of PVP as opposed to mythic, but you’re right. People can lose their way to conquest gear, presuming they’re not actually losing every single match, and the reality is more fortunate than that. I keep seeing posts that are in essence, “I played one hour, I didn’t get gear, I lost, I’m gonna quit?”, and it just won’’'ttt stopppppp

Having gear as a motivation to queue is a good system. It gives you a reason to keep playing and it lays out a clear progression path for alts.

The barrier to entry for pvp is the lowest it’s been since legion imo so the game is fine as it is.

I do agree with adding minimum ilvl scaling for questing greens. It would be a nice addition, but honor gear and conquest gear should remain as is.

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This is already implemented, it just probably scales too low and only scales gear that is maybe a bit too high. It’s something like gear over 320 scales to 365 or something like that. Was implemented in a patch pretty early on.

It should scale gear that is lower ilvl than now to a higher ilvl, closer to the crafted greens.

I think they should add tier to honor gear, if they did that I’d say it’s easy to get honor quickly and be competitive. I also think they should be different than pve tier, might reduce some of the power gaps to be able to separately tune with it as a variable.


Yeah im down for that, it would (hopefully) solve the issue where some tier sets are trash for pvp because it boosts abilities or playstyles that are not used in pvp.

The mistweaver 4 set from SLs comes to mind which boosted essence font healing a spell you literally took off of your bars

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Ah just tested it. It works for a level 70, 337 belt i equipped which gets scaled to 359, however, a level 66 set of 292 boots do not get scaled up.

It should affect all dragonflight items not just ones above a certain ilvl threshold.

Most players who reach level 70 will not have all slots above whatever threshold they set. A weird implementation of the system

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I found the patch note after I posted that, it’s gear over 312 gets scaled to 359, definitely picked weird numbers.


Plus set bonuses.

Idk how much power they add. Maybe a lot for some specs.

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The sets for 10.1 are looking very spicy so it will become a bigger difference

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359 is heroic dungeons, the range covers the crafted 70 set and normal dungeons. A little odd for sure but I think that’s where the numbers are from. I’ve been figuring 15-20% from tier based on some discussions of pve bonus.

Also, in a BG, both sides rarely have all cooldowns available. Honor geared players would do well to have a cooldown tracker because an honor geared player with full cooldowns probably beats a conquest gear without key cooldowns (if not horrible).

I mean, I have L70 characters on every class at or over 420 item level. I’m honestly not seeing what the problem is here. There is zero gear disadvantage to anyone who puts a small bit of effort into gearing.

Bosses don’t get higher stats every week that you don’t play.
Players do(to a cap).
Not comparable - you also get 0 conquest if you lose(Which is a joke).
Just beat people with an unfair gear advantage in order to be on an equal footing. Was a joke since season1 of arenas.

Not everyone has played since day1? Suffering through -30% player power for a month wasn’t fun in TBC, and still isn’t fun 20 years later.

It does not take a month to gear unless you barely play, like log in once or twice a week for a couple hours.

I know who you are.
But just for entertainment value:
Full conquest is 11,075 I think?
3 BG dailies = 220 a day
50 days for full conquest

I was wrong, it’s TWO months!

It’s significantly less if you’re digging up dirt piles every week for sparks for 421 gear. Buying a weapon for 1800 conq is such a waste when you can just wait two resets (2 days if you ding 70 on a monday) and have an instant 421 weapon or 2 set

You should also get two crafted 424s which saves you 875 (head, pants) and 700 (boots, belt) conquest per item

Its also silly not trying to get at least 1 vault (1250 honor) from a single 0 cr solo shuffle


That’s only for first wins every day. If that’s all you play, then yea doesn’t matter how long it takes you. Plus, the brawl quest each week. Plus the weekly quests. Plus solo shuffle queues, which is another 200 CP a day, 1400 a week just for the first 3-3 shuffle. If you get the crafted piece, that’s one less piece of gear you need.

Forum drama in 2023? feels like I have gone back in time. I was going to just buy a couple of tokens and AH my way to viability lol.

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Do you realize that one does not need Conquest gear at all to have that much hp?
My mage has full honor gear and the only Conquest I have is trinkets that don’t add to my hp.
I have well over 200k hp in a bg buffed and ready.

Gear does not mean that they can’t be outplayed/outsmarted.
It might take all you have or some planning but it doesn’t make anyone unkillable.