BFD CE group looking for RDPS


Bnet: dityboycom#1868
Disc: dityboycom#4643

We are currently looking for one of the following:

RDPS (All Competent Pref Warlock)
Heals (Direct tank heals)

We are open to competent players and will consider any one interested.

Raid times:
830 - 11 EST
Optional Sundays
830 - 11 EST

The core of our group is 3/8 M and we are looking to establish a competent roster for Dazar’alor CE push. We will provide food and flask for progression content; but, ask all players to come with food, flask, pots, and BS-runes.

We do run keys on a regular basis during peak gaming hours, and are very interested in players whom may not necessarily want to raid 2 - 3 nights a week; but, would love to run 10+ keys. Even better if willing to sub in a raid when available.

About our core:

  • 3/8 -4/8 Mythic Zek/Vectis
  • Laid back and understanding everyone makes mistakes and everyone has room to improve.
  • Provide real time candid evaluations; but, know when a more clandestine approach is necessary
  • Love to run keys, and are looking to step up into the upper keys 15 +
  • Adults with children, not looking to baby sit
  • Adults more than willing help refine game play, as long as you’re doing your own research and steps towards getting better
  • Show up prepared, and put out 100% effort on every pull, farm or not

What we expect from you:

  • Show up prepared for raids
  • Show up on time
  • Make an effort to contribute constructively to our success
  • Patience while we structure a core of raiders we want to spend 5 + hours a week with
  • Little to no nerd raging because something didn’t go the way you thought it would
  • Understanding what progression means as we push into Mythic content
  • Interest in being a part of a team, and not just a home for your alt to see Mythic on your off days
  • Minimal Racist humor and personal attacks
  • Honest about what it is you want from a guild, and during your selection process you have candor with us.

Bnet: dityboycom#1868
Disc: dityboycom#4643

380 iLvl Experienced Raider Seeking Guild
Experienced Holy Paladin LF Tues,Thurs night CE raiding guild
377 4/8 myth 1k raider IO LF CE guild
386 mw monk 380 resto druid LF raid spot and solid Myth+ team
Terrible Warlock LF New Guild
376/34 Disc/Holy Priest 1/8M LF Late Night Weekday Mythic Raid
1/8M 372 Shaman returning player LF guild
[H]380 Warlock/376 MW monk LF raiding guild
Lf active and social guild
[A/H] 368 Warlock OR spriest, 4/8M experience LF Guild
382 Affliction Warlock LF Mythic
Warlock looking for a Raiding group and a guild to chill with
H 381 Mage LF Mythic raiding Guild for Battle for Dazar’alor
2/8M 380 BM Hunter LF raiding guild
378 lock 1/8 M looking to start raiding again
Dk/dh/lock lf a mythic guild 2/8m
6/8M Expd 386 Hunter LF Horde Guild
8/8M Warlock/Ele Shaman LF Mythic Guild
Mage LF raiding guild
386 7/8M Hunter LF Mythic raiding guild
7/8m resto shaman LF CE guild
H 380 BM hunter LF raiding guild
387 Mage LF raid
382 Lock LF Raid team

Been hanging out and playing with these guys and gals for couple weeks. Been on the hunt for a long time for a guild, not just a raiding guild but more. This is a new guild with potential for being really great. Great environment and fun group to just play with and hang out with. After long search and trials I Finally got a home that was what I was looking for so Just hopefully y’all will give them a chance it is worth it.


We are the guild that goes BUMP in the night.

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Something, something dark side.

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Good morning!

Still on the hunt for a warlock and hunter :slight_smile:


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Need a warlock! Let us know if you’re interested! :blush: