Beta and stess test available but can't play

My guess, stress test 2 invites so new people can install. (It popped back in for me, same can’t play.) I doubt it’s an actual beta invite.


oh good, its back in the drop down again! yay, wasnt sure what happened to it.

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They gave us a different kind of stress test in between the tests.


ahh that makes sense, i was kind of hoping they were going to allow stress testers in a little bit at a time so they could have an adequate amount of players testing AV

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Earlier today, we made the stress test install appear on the game screen of the launcher for all players who have installed it. This is to make it possible to uninstall easily.


So does that mean we won’t be invited to the others and can uninstall it ?


** squints eyes **

Can’t tell if joking or not


thank you for clearing that up, I hope all goes well with AV testing!

You do realize how poorly timed it was to do that alongside the release of the Alterac Valley weekend beta server, right? Especially since nothing was announced about it beforehand.

Thanks for at least clearing that up.


So, I can’t test AV? Great… !


I doubt that’s what it means. Most of us are just beyond hyped and keep looking for deeper meaning in every little word. My guess is what he said doesn’t mean any more or any less than what he said.

Thanks for the clarification by the way Kaivax.

this might have nothing to do with this but just to be clear when classic comes out there will be a dropdown option and an option to install it right ? couse rn I just have 3 options wow 1 wow 2 and wow 3

Why you bully me…


This is just to let you uninstall or do anything to the installation. When you uninstall it, it will disappear. Just like the BlizzCon demo.


I would be okay with not being invited to the others and letting someone else test but I don’t want to uninstall and then get invited to the next one again, especially since I farmed gold last time.

yeah i wasnt expecting to get in because it said it was for beta testers, was just a bit confused and excited when i saw it back on the drop down menu. the hype is real for classic wow haha

That doesn’t mean anything, that means you have the client installed, and are not invited into any test.

Since there is no stress test going on at the moment, you are not invited into it either.

how many followers do I need on twitch to be able to test AV?


Well at least we can uninstall it and pretend it doesn’t exist :sob:

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