Just found a new beta / stress test download on launcher

Well shoot, apparently I missed doing the AV thing, and could still download it but can’t play it.

Sorry IF I got anyone’s hopes up.


Now if just says I can’t play classic yet…


TY, I have pleanty of space on my SSD so I’ll probably just leave it there for the time being.

Im the kind or person who still has my origional vanilla hunter and such with ammo and stuff still in the bank. I retired my toons after vanilla and made one on black dragon flight for the pvp realm.

didn’t return to pve until End of WOD because I"m hitting the point where I just don’t pvp much anymore. Probably won’t in retail until and unless they fix the gearing back to something reminiscent of the WOD pvp vendors / honor / conquest gear for different skill levels of pvp.

Not a huge RNGevus fan.