WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

I think you need to keep in mind this is only the third stress test thus far, and we have seen an increase each time. Perhaps the one in July will be global?; but perhaps it wont since there is only one instance of the beta and its in North America.

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Man you really suck at reading or what?

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It is already not fair enough to let US subbers in for free, but force other regions to sub to US too.

BTW, it’s just a test server, it doesn’t have to be fair.

Who told you to uninstall it?

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Blizzard gave them options, they chose unwisely.


There were a couple of blue posts suggesting they put it there so people could uninstall.

Hogger Run!


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I could be wrong, but how I interpreted it for EU is to have an active subscription and switch over to the NA client where the stress test will be held. I highly doubt they will exclude an entire region even after EU players are already in the Beta and past stress tests. Sorry if I’m wrong or if the answer has already came out.

Finally Need to scratch that Classic itch ill have a bit of time to play cant wait.

The stress test doesn’t last over the weekend, which is what they were suggesting… I guess you don’t know how to read. /sigh

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No I think there would be a post on our forums if this were the case. It most definitely refers to the account type. I’m curious how it will work for people who have both an EU and a US/OC account added to their en/gb website Battlenet and which both have subs.

I don’t know if this has already been said but you all seem to forget that not everyone in the EU speak English, though everyone can submit bug reports in the stress test.

So by opening the flood Gates and let everyone in the EU get access, you also allow yourself to be flooded with French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian bug reports that can’t be processed.

Which isn’t to mention I suspect the extended maintenance last week was to make changes to various infrastructure to accommodate what they think is coming in this test. Opening it up to the EU and globally is just “too much” and well above and beyond anything any one region is likely to ever see, so it wouldn’t be a valid test condition.

Then depending on the results of the NA Stress test, they’ll either go for an unscheduled encore(or extended test window), or make the changes needed in the other regions which will have their own round of Regional stress tests during the third scheduled test. Although it leaves me curious what will be going on in NA on that day.


In your long write-up for what’s coming, I see no mention of what the status will be for the Closed Beta Servers while this is going on. Are they going offline again during the “focus window,” or are they being kept online as a “control group” while things start exploding on the Stress Test side of things?

Given the rather substantial size of the invite pool for this Stress Test. I imagine there won’t be much shortage in regards to people trying to overwhelm the servers.

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What entitlement attitude? What’s up with people like you just calling absolutely everything “entitled”? Do you even know what that word means? I often have the feeling many people in the US don’t, seeing how inflationary it’s being used.

I can work on addons now while I have time, once the game releases I’d like to be able to allot that time to play the game instead. If you can’t understand why I’m somewhat pissed about not having the opportunity to test some things so I won’t waste hours for nothing, then I can’t help you and your narrow horizon. In case you completely missed that part of my post then maybe l2read.

Oh joy, stress test, forgot streamers only get to enjoy the classic beta…

Blizzard was founded in Irvine, California. It’s center of operations has always been in Irvine. Although it’s legal headquarters has moved around a bit due to tax reasons as i recall.

Blizzard was owned by Vivendi, which was a French investment conglomerate. Due to that link, Blizzard had(and retains) a presence in France, but that is not the same thing as Blizzard being based in France.

That matter is moot anyway, as Activision bought Blizzard off of Vivendi back around 2007. Activision is a United States based corporation.

I’m going to side with Eloraell on this one.

How is a EU body that is level capped on a level 15 any different than one from North America?

About the only difference I can imagine is that the Europeans would have higher latencies when trying to connect to servers located in close proximity to Blizzard HQ, you know, the place that the Classic Dev Team calls home.


My sub runs out a few hours before. Unlucky me :(((((

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I think he is under the belief that localization adds additional strain to the servers or something to that effect, which is why the multi-lingual EU should be prioritized for testing.

I guess somebody forgot to let him know the client handles that, not the servers.