So, cant play beta, yet i have it?

If you downloaded the beta client for Stress Test 1, but aren’t actually in the beta, it’s visible so you have access to uninstall it.

Stress Test 2 was conducted on the live client.

You don’t have beta. You had the 1st stress test. What you see as beta is Blizzard returning the 1st stress test to the launcher to make it easier to uninstall, if you so choose.

There are claims by some “1st Wave Stress Test” participants indicating the launcher prompted them to download the beta client again. But they’re unable to play. Might be a configuration issue on Blizzard’s end.

It’s also possible it might be tinfoil hat time and they’re pre-queuing invites for the next wave of people to get into the closed beta. But until such time that reliable reports of people not in the 1st wave stress test(in May) getting the same prompts turn up, I’m dubious.

More likely it has something to do with a configuration error and how the launcher is interpreting it, paired with “incomplete removals” of the original beta & stress test client from a month ago which is causing the option to crop up again.

Ohhhh ok, I was so confused by it lol Sorry

i believe i participated in the 2nd stress test. only have one option for classic (world of warcraft classic) under the live tab, but can get as far as the loading screen before the server prompt is there to tell me servers are not available.

just letting you know what i see

This is where it gets awkward, because the “1st wave” have 2 stress tests. So do you mean the second stress test the first wave had, or do you mean the one that just happened this past week?

From what you’re describing, you’re seeing the “live” client version of the game, which will be how you play on August 27, and possibly again in July’s stress test. But that client won’t do much of anything for you in regards to the closed beta. Aside from making the download smaller(since the “live” client already has most of everything the beta client needs).

What the others are describing is seeing the “Beta: World of Warcraft Classic” option under In development.

I too have a “beta” under the “In Development” and then a “live” version of Classic. The beta version is greyed out as well. I never uninstalled the first stress test client so I assume that is what it is about.

The real Stress Test 2. We can open the live client, but no servers are online.

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That’s what I think most people are posting about. However, as I said, there are some who claim to have uninstalled the previous client(or to have never installed on that specific system) who evidently have had it return to their client once more. But the Play button remained greyed out after the re-download.

i see, i do not have access to the beta client. just participated in last weeks stress test. but it is still there, im assuming your theory that its there as a buffer to launch downloads is probably right

The weird thing is, since Blizz has moved Stress Tests onto the “Live” Classic servers instead of Testing Classic servers, they decided to re-rename “Classic Beta and Stress Test” back to just “Classic Beta.”

So yeah go ahead and install the live version if you still can, then you can delete the Beta. That way if it shows up again you know you’re in beta, and it’ll still be a fast download since it’ll pull data from the “live” install.


Is the general response, but I haven’t wanted to uninstall it yet incase it does ever light up. Interested to see if it would reappear if I did now, though.

IF you have the “Live” Client from this weeks stress test installed, the beta re-download should only be about 300 megs if you get re-invited.

Or just simply move _classic_beta_ out of the wow install directory while the launcher is not active, and see what the Launcher does upon launch.

Ok I uninstalled it and now a waiting game? lol

Yes. Because you were not invited to the Beta. We’ve been over this for about a month now.

The Launcher patched that bit back into the folder, then I uninstalled it fully and it was removed from the list.

Closing the launcher and adding the folder back before relaunching doesn’t add it to the list.

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Blizzard just conned you into subbing.

It’s not weird.

The option is visible in the list, because that way we can uninstall the beta product. Unless the button is active, none of us have beta.

If you uninstall the client, you will never see the In Development option again.

It will repair the install. That’s why we were given the option to uninstall properly, so that the “installed games” file didn’t keep repairing your beta folder without you being able to stop it.

As I said in another post, there is a report of a Stress Test Participant being prompted to download the beta client on a computer which did not have the Beta Client Installed on it. That is “weird.” (unless “not installed” meant “improperly removed” as per the launcher) Beyond that, I do agree most of the issues are likely as you described.

If they had it and deleted the folder, it would have just reinstalled itself yeah, so depends what “not installed” meant.