Beta and Stress Test visible in launcher?

Does anyone else have it showing Beta and Stress test in launcher? Just resubbed and it says I can’t play wow classic yet

Yes, they popped it back on the launchers so people can “more easily” uninstall the stress test client. Sadly, we still have to wait for August.

Edit: source

Interestimg thing about it. The files were updated the same time it showed in the launcher. Also the install folder is much bigger than before. It is also bigger than live.

Things that make you go hmmm

Real reason: Use the Blizzard Launcher to determine your beta status, rather than constantly logging in through the client to take advantage of any inadvertent configuration errors that might be temporarily exposed when server settings are changed.

If the Bnet client lets you in during a time-frame the Stress-Test is not active, you’re probably closed beta. If it gives you the option to install, but not play, you’re stress test(or prior testing).

edit nm it reappeared again, I blame windows