Automation + Auto Kick + Auto Grounding + AI vs Rated PvP

There’s hope for PvP, a blue post has arrived

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They just made it clear.

If it was allowed they wouldn’t need to address anything.


Yeah, probably gonna be disabled/broken within a day or two. :dracthyr_love_animated:

Outside of the part where this statement makes me think you’ve been using it, if it were considered fair then you would be a fool not to use it.

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Well I honestly didn’t believe they would work that’s why I wanted to see for myself.

Very good news, now can we all stop freaking out and can players stop pretending that macros are gatekeeping them?

That’s what you actually did, that’s why I called it an oxymoron lol.

Made what clear? They said they’re investigating.

It’s called being clear that they’re aware of it.

Was that really hard to grasp?

And like they did it in under a week. Pretty fast by BLizzard metrics.

Evidently it is.

If swoles cr drops in a couple days do we confirm use of these macros?


That it’s something that’s being looked at.

Why am I not surprised people “randomly” flock to using something like what OP has described, after the 10k player banwave over some rotation bot.


So that’s why I lose my fights… them cheaters. (Yes all my fights that I lose are against cheaters obviously!)

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The rule always has been “If it’s a macro that can be used in-game, it’s ok to use”.

That’s what I said foxman.

Not if it’s unintended.

See: The people who abused keeping torghast buffs outside of torghast to get RWF on ilvl 300 toons.

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I totally agree. I was under the assumption that even castsequence macro didn’t work anymore.

I checked Venruki’s video yesterday about this cheating here. Really interesting what can be done.

They should disable macros in pvp at this point what a joke lmao


For reference - Massive Banwave on Rotation Bots

From less than a month ago…

No that hasn’t been the case.