Automation + Auto Kick + Auto Grounding + AI vs Rated PvP

I’m guessing yes b/c I saw that Venruki vid last night and he even talked about people using it in AWC. The MoP vod’s I linked were from Hansol and Chanimal had a few as well back in the day but far less, I think he understood the risk.

This is why Blizzcon awc needs to be ‘in person’ not remote. I have no doubt that people can ‘ghost’ Synapse in on an outside SSD or some nonsense.

The reason that the clear target function is important here is because it more or less circumvents the bolded rule. The script itself is not actually deciding whether you cast a spell, it’s deciding whether you retain your target. The macro folloing the script just doesn’t have anything to cast the spell on depending on the result of the script.

Similarly, this one is just setting a temporary/local variable and then polling through unitbuffs a set number of times and then updating the variable with the output and then either dropping target or not depending on a specific condition. The condition is not specifically casting any spells, it’s just preventing the rest of your macro from running because it made you drop target before that line has a chance to execute.

It is just basic coding using a “legal” condition and function to circumvent things that you’re not supposed to be able to do with scripts. The end result is that your character presses its kick button and it either kicks something or not depending on if the target is casting.

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Yes you can get very intricate with them, esp if you use the addon that extends your Macro characters to over 1k.

Making this totally inaccurate. Not using cc/damage into certain things is ‘smart’ in pvp. I’ve got the quotes there because when player does it b/c awareness it is smart, when the game does it for you it isn’t but the result is the same.

Why is this even needed? Who is making a macro this long?

You could essentially ‘automate’ your rotation and characters position with them, this sort of thing needs a lot of space. Hence why Blizzard limited the character number in the stock UI macro function. One of my early MoP demo macro’s required 500 char or something insane, so I had to get an addon to add characters to the macro tab.

Lots of people use them, it was mentioned earlier but it’s a big thing in pve.

We’re investigating this, and we will take appropriate steps to address it as soon as possible.


Even in-person, they’ll need to check the PCs for word.exe .


No, it is technically accurate, because the macro itself is not executing a condition. The script is only deciding whether you are retaining your target and the rest of the macro either executes or doesn’t based on the condition. It is important to use precise language. The outcome of your ability to use the script is the same as if you could put conditions into macros. It should be changed such that you can’t do this any more, but the scripts are not technically doing anything that breaks those rules by letter.

Imagine tying scripts to check for all of the possible abilities you don’t ant to cast through, like grounding totem, aura mastery, etc. and your off global kick to every one of your abilities. The addon just stores the script/macros locally and runs the scripts not from your macro box because of the character limit in the box. There is no character limit when you want to just type /run in the chat window and do a bunch of stuff.

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Thank you!

Please ban all the cheaters!


Love you mean it!

Circumventing the GCD means firing off more that one ability on the Global Cool Down at the same time (i.e. Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike in the same GCD)

Castsequence Macro’s are not “Smart Decisions”. They are doing what you are asking them to do without variation depending on your key push. It is going to fire off unless the sequence timing gets interrupted. The majority of the time they are not very efficient but they still exist with some success. The Smart Macro’s that we are seeing know are butting “check” into your hard push of the macro to see if it is allowed to fire off. Like the one that shows if Grounding Totem Buff is active on the target then Intimidate would not go off or Spell Reflect and Hammer of Justice.


Thank you so much, IDK how much longer my 3’s healer was going to play b/c this.

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Most reassuring :dracthyr_heart: This macro has been getting a lot of visibility.


Being able to clear global to use another dps ability is the same as not having one.

False, if macros prevent players from making mistakes it is a ‘smart decision’ made by the game not the player. See the Grounding prevention on HoJ? Smart. Maybe some healers wouldn’t be considered as bad as they are with these things out of the game.

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Ohoho, are you trying to actually make a bot?

all that generally should be impossible w/o that 3rd party program unless you’re looking for a massive exploit.

What you’re trying to do is memory injection or providing a compromised execution environment.

This is what botting programs do when they’re playing in wow where they’re able to search for nearby targets to immolate.

Are you trying to be cute w/ this?

Thank you!!!

This has been frustrating news to hear and I’m glad you guys are on it.

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Also appreciate Kaivax made the post at 9:01 am Monday morning.

First minute of the work week.

Probably didn’t even have coffee yet.



Even if it’s fair to use it, I’m not. I know you guys will tho.

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There’s hope for PvP, a blue post has arrived

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They just made it clear.

If it was allowed they wouldn’t need to address anything.