In-Game Macro Kickbot Exploits Security Fixed

After the drama of people managing to make a kickbot out of in-game macros a month or two ago, the latest PTR update has new macro restrictions in place.


You’re a month late and needed to read that thread you linked a little bit more :wink:

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They added more restrictions with the recent PTR on top of that.

The initial fix last month was cleartarget restricting. The recent updates I posted above show much more than that, including possibly previously unknown ones.

Stop breaking macros cheaters >:(


Although I am no friend to the Night Elf , I am very pro wow, I am glad you found this and posted this, I had a strong suspicion

Probably explains why some people are complaining of broken addons and macros this week.

I swear. These sweaty tryhards have really screwed it up for the rest of us normal add-on users.

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The people who were using a paid rotation bot cheat moved over to in game macro exploits once the former got banwaved. Now Blizzard had to go in and patch out in game macros further after the abusers shifted around to that.

Not a coincidence the kickbot macro exploits occurred one month after the rotation bot banwave.

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I was never clever enough to put together stuff like this. It always amazes me how far people go to cheat.