Apparently ClearTarget() isn't a secure command

Can be used for all sorts of automation.

#showtooltip Muzzle
/run if not (UnitCastingInfo("target") or UnitChannelInfo("target")) then ClearTarget() end; 
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Muzzle
/stopmacro [exists] 
#showtooltip Intimidation
/run for i=1,10 do local D = UnitBuff("target",i); if D == "Phase Shift" then ClearTarget() end end; 
/cast [@target, exists, nodead] Intimidation
/stopmacro [exists]

This is interesting. It doesn’t even require a hardware event in combat:

/run C_Timer.After(1,function() ClearTarget() end)

That’s definitely going to be patched.


When I saw this earlier today I thought of you and the millions of questions that you are going to be hit with. I feel for you brother.

Blizz hotfixed it and it’s now throwing ForceTaint_Strong, even out of combat. ClearFocus() is doing the same.

Is this why nearly my entire guild is reporting the “x addon is being bad” Blizzard error since the fix? I suspected there might be something related since the timing was too coincidental.

You’ve provided so few details that I can’t form a constructive reply to that.

I’ll take that as a no, then. The specific dialog I referred to is the one that has “Ignore” and “Disable” as options provided by Blizzard, but I can’t recall the text it provides and didn’t have time to log in to the game to wait for the error to verify; tbh my context should have been enough since my guild fully understands it. When running an addon like BugSack that is already trapping errors, this Blizzard dialog is notorious for reporting the first addon running any function following an untrappable error even if that addon isn’t actually at fault.

The game has been doing this ever since the hotfix for the ClearTarget() PvP macro shenanigans and I figured they could be related issues. Prior to the fix I hadn’t seen this dialog in months. Still probably on addon authors to solve but I’m just trying to make the connection here.

Yeah, given that you and your guild members likely participate in similar activities in game, and presumably share addon recommendations amongst yourselves, it’s understandable that they’d have some implicit knowledge of what you’re talking about when you describe it, if they’re running into the same issues.

Unfortunately, so far everything you’ve described is just general addon/script triggering an error/repeated errors behavior, so it’s not enough for us to help you debug the problem. We need specifics about which addon is triggering the error and what error is being triggered etc.

Any macros, scripts, or addons attempting to leverage ClearTarget() ClearFocus() etc. will be triggering errors these days but I haven’t hear of any spillover into other areas.

Well I don’t use any addons that should be leveraging that randomly while in town, but I can’t speak for my guildmates. The major problem is the error is untrappable in-game; BugSack’s error text simply reads:
4x [ADDON_ACTION_FORBIDDEN] AddOn 'addonName' tried to call the protected function 'UNKNOWN()'. Debugstack was nil.
And this behavior did not start until the day of the announced hotfix. Any time it occurs, the Blizzard popup follows BugSack’s failure to trap.

Possibly related to this reported bug (still ongoing it would seem)


Good catch, thanks for sharing. My log hadn’t been updated since March of this year so I deleted it just in case something was blocking the retail client’s ability to write to it. I’ll see what happens if the error pops up again.

Just want to clarify here that the “taintlog” which got edited out of my previous post is an actual thing created by the World of Warcraft client. Please don’t edit relevant things out of posts just because someone decided it’d be funny to flag an otherwise 100% innocent post. “Taint” is how addons violating protected functions has been referred to for an extremely long time, as well.