Arena Map Pools and Rotation

With the introduction of Nokhudon Proving Grounds as a new Arena map in Dragonflight, we’ve hit 15 total Arena maps that are available when players queue up. We feel that this is a large number to have in the pool at once and waters down a map’s impact in an Arena experience. That being said, we think it will be interesting and fun to divide up the maps into a rotation to keep the pool dynamic for players.

We feel a weekly cadence ensures players will see their favorite maps frequently during a season. Additionally, the decision for 8-map pools was made to compact the rotation so players will be able to more easily refine strategy on certain maps with specific compositions within a week.

After working with a few combinations, the iteration we will be implementing for Dragonflight Season 1 will be a rotation of 3 buckets with 8 maps each, that captured all our current maps:

Nagrand Arena Nagrand Arena Nagrand Arena
Dalaran Sewers Ruins of Lordaeron Hook Point
Tiger’s Peak Tol’Viron Arena Tiger’s Peak
Enigma Crucible Empyrean Domain Ashamane’s Fall
Empyrean Domain Blade’s Edge Arena The Robodrome
Ashamane’s Fall Maldraxxus Coliseum Mugambala
Maldraxxus Coliseum Black Rook Hold Arena Enigma Crucible
Nokhudon Proving Grounds Nokhudon Proving Grounds Nokhudon Proving Grounds

While discussing internally what the map pools should look like, there were various factors we looked at to divide the maps up to be as fair as possible. The factors we looked at within each pool included map size (large and small), map line of sight placement (symmetrical pillars, Z-axis, or other variants), and to keep the new map in each rotation, which in Season 1 of Dragonflight is Nokhudon Proving Grounds.

Note: The map pools will be available in Rated Arena and Arena Skirmishes only at this time, Rated Solo Shuffle and Solo Shuffle Brawl will not have rotating map pools.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences with this rotation in Season 1.


This is a fantastic idea! I assume it applies to solo shuffle as well?


So I only q pool A week, don’t want to fight warlocks on blades edge or mugabala


I’m sorry but this is a very bad change. All this is going to do is promote people to not que during certain weeks. Arena players want more maps to play on when they que, not less. This also should not have been announced the day before arenas go live.


I don’t think arena needed this, already felt like I could get the same map over and over some nights, reducing the pool just increases those odds. Now you’ll spend an entire week without your teams best map/maps. I get that it’s kind of a way to reduce map fatigue where you just won’t see some maps every week, but seeing them consistently in 1 week might already feel bad.


Bad decision. Literally no one wanted this.

I recant. Down with warlocks.


King take.


map pools are terrible in overwatch and i’d rather not see them on live. as much as i dislike some maps, not a fan of this change.


Could’ve removed Blades Edge and Mugambala from rated and we’re good. No need for pools.


When even these maps aren’t played in AWC, you know their bad.


Oh thanks, so some comps/specs are flat out worse off on certain weeks and better off on others now.


LFG going to be hilarious. “oh sorry cant inv you cause your spec is trash this week”


So I’ve figured out as a Mage that week C is now a no queue week for me as it contains Hook Point on it which is by far the worst map to play against any Demon Hunter comp.

I’ll make sure to play A and B weeks as they contain far more large maps which give me a far greater advantage average.

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Suggestion: Instead of pools, do a favorite map and/or ignore map option instead of this.

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They can’t do this because everyone and their mother will block Blade’s Edge Arena and favourite Nagrand Arena.


I think this is just going to cause certain higher teams to avoid qing during the weeks that don’t favor their team comp. The maps being randomized seems to be the best case for fairness for all teams involved, not sure why this change was necessary.


Mugambala is the most garbage map created. I will not be playing pool C.


who asked for this


True or block Mugambala/Ruins of Lordaeron idk man i was just trying to come with something similar idea instead of a pool. IMO there should just be like 100 arenas (1 per zone) would keep every match fresh. The answer is never gives players less things in the case of arenas.