Are you happy with your classes' proposed changes?

Yeah, there are actually a few specs that IMO existed better in Legion than they were pre-pruning. Elemental Shaman actually had a consolidated identity in Legion. BFA Ele may be a poor copy of Legion Ele, but why not revert back to Legion then?

I mained the bananas out of HPally in RPGs throughout MoP, Holy power was secretly OP with the PVP set bonus.
I’m personally fine with them being reimagined as a melee class for Legion, I just want Rebuke back. If one healer cant interrupt no healer should be able to interrupt. Thats one thing there should be parity on. Ducking Resto Shammy getting an interrupt AND a purge.

Not really. I wanted other abilities to come back for druid, and that didn’t happen. Overall, the changes are meh, and I don’t like how much they are messing with boomkins. But feral? The one I play the most? So blah. Savage Roar should have been made baseline again. It should not be a talent.

That said, I kind of like the shaman changes. Excited to get frost shock back for resto, and for earthshield to be baseline again.

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Am I happy with the priest changes?

The answer’s no.

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Woooow don’t nerf aspect of the cheetah like that.

They’re getting rid of Maelstrom for Enhancement Shamans, we’re going back to CD management where we can combo down enemies. I feel like I’m reading class changes to Shamans from MoP and WoD.

i’m happe for few classes. My current main DH haven’t changed much. I also thinking about changing my main again based on class changes, but i need to touch them personally first.

If eclipses are as fun as before - i might play moonkin.

If enh sham feels great without maelstorm - i’ll play him

And same for other classes. Looking forward to 2h fdk

Strongly recommend you provide specific feedback. My affliction warlock feedback is going to require some gameplay.

warlock got changed?

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Nope. So far not really.

I’ll wait until I play them to pass judgement.

If things are still dying at my hand, I’m not likely to complain.

If roll the bones truly is a cooldown and Slice and Dice is being removed (from the talent datamining) then I’m actually intrigued.

How could you not be my Unholy DK is happy as can be it seems Frost is going to play more like a traditional DK any dps spec does now and Unholy will look and feel more like a necromancer with The Changes coming.

I’m excited

I switch mains every expansion. I’ll just go where the riches flow deepest bay-beeeee

For Paladin? Kind of.

Getting back Not only Holy Avenger but everything else that made Paladin fun (Divine Purpose, Seraphim, Wake of Ashes, etc.) Is great. I’m just miffed at the reason why these things were not baseline to begin with.

Unfortunately these were abilities I’ve already messed around with and there doesn’t look to be anything remotely spectacular for Paladins after that.

Pretty unimpressed with the Warlock changes which for Destruction and Demonology are practically non existent.
And other changes are making it worse like…
“All Demons now take 6 seconds to cast” :expressionless:
I know it’s still early but I’m not excited at all for the Warlock class right now.
Blizzard devs need to go to the Warlock forum and especially check this thread out.
Shadowlands Compiled Feedback Thread

Now the Unholy Death Knight has got me more excited as it seems more like a Necromancer class then ever before.


Some. Lightning shield and chain lightning coming back for ele is great, and getting actual totems back is nice. Not sure how the maelstrom change is gonna work but so far I’m good with what I see.

Also some of the covenant abilities for shaman are interesting. Might actually be a tough choice once numbers are tuned.

Somewhat. Shattering Throw is nice and all but mostly just a PvP tool.

I still think Avatar should be baseline at this point and something to take up it’s place.

Single-minded fury should also come back. Forced Titan grip is no bueno.

As for Arms it looks deadly but still so fragile. I don’t know why Blizzard try to keep this spec as warrior “glass canon” melee type.

No no it shouldn’t be or it will be completely dead for another expac in all non-raid content. I’m rather unhappy with how they are treating afflock. SB as filler needs to die forever, there are already enough GCDs I have to fill refreshing DOTs. Afflock needs Malefic grasp to be viable even in basic content, but without something that is soul flame equivalent we’re still DOA for dungeons. The removal of “soul wrack” from the notes was a huge disappointment.

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I don’t know.

Elemental might be headed for a bad state. I don’t know about enhancement. Same goes for Restoration.

I guess I’ll wait and see.

Too early to tell. But so far, yes.