Are you happy with your classes' proposed changes?

Close… All they have to do to make me happy is give fury warriors a 1 handed option, be it Single Minded Fury or a transmog option. They don’t have to change animations or anything. Just the option to have 1 handers.

Oh… and to make prot feel “smoother.” It feels clunky to me. Taking Ignore Pain off the GCD was a step in the right direction but we aren’t quite there yet.

You’re throwing all this shade at drugs, but I think your beef is with ex-hybrid classes in general. Paladins can do the same thing with dps, healing, or tanking. So can monks. Death knights can tank or dps. Shamans can heal, melee, or ranged dps.

But honestly how often do you see that happen in any meaningful content? We’re all limited by azerite traits, spec specific weapons and stat priorities, etc. Sure you can swap from balance to guardian between fights, but unless yours carrying around at bare minimum another weapon and heaf/shoulder/chest azerite armor you’re not going to be efficient in that role.

For Outlaw, no, not a bit. They are taking a hated point spender and making it a cooldown. uhg. i hated it before, but if i get a bad buff, at least i can dump it for a different one(bad design) but now yer gunna be stuck with what ever garbage rolls up. (who knows, maybe they will improve the shi-ty buffs)
Bringing poison back is cool, i guess.
I know it’s early and I dont know how to articulate my disappointment thus far.

I also fear for button bloat. Taking the stun away from BtE and putting KS back is already forcing me to find a place to put KS and i already see that as a problem, then adding the covenant abilities, im gunna end being a hotkey and clicker. uhg.
Please, take Pistol Shot out of the DPS rotation and just make it a ranged slow for runners. Kinda like our old throwing knives.

I’ve got 3 sets of azerite gear on my shaman.

I’ve also got 2 sets of azerite gear on my warlock for destro and demo.

I actually do have problems with the pure classes. Just in general. Basically, a TON of work has been put into WoW to improve hybrid quality of life, and NONE of it has made any difference for pure QoL.

Pures are, essentially, 16 years behind the hybrids for QoL.

I agree here.

My problem with putting KS back is that they’re not using it to buy the spec anything interesting. It just seem to have been put back in so that they could add another button. It doesn’t do anything interesting for outlaw.

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I am. However, with that being said, the biggest thing about un-pruning is how far they’re willing to go.

I will defend, until the day I die, the logic of literally never removing a spell from our books. Unless it’s genuinely useless, everything we learn how to do should never be taken away from us.


Needs more significant individual Spec changes, why do I even need MM’s abilities? If I wanted more shots I would have gone MM to begin with, as is eyes of the beast is the only thing I’m seeing besides Kill shot which benefits either SV or BM though I’m sure tranquilizing shot is great for MM and SV who can’t tame spirit beasts but at the same time ALL hunters can tame deer, and those do basically the same with nature’s grace and other tenacity debuffs. Nothing stands out to me as needing to be baseline they’re making baseline and the only abilities I can see making a difference are Kill shot and Hunter’s mark. Please consider ALL specs going forward or in the next unpruning if this one doesn’t change with feedback.

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Not at all. I have always despised the Holy combo Point system. And it appears that they are holding firm on the GCD changes.

Time to start counting up my gold, and seeing how much of it I can give away to my favorite forum people.

I really don’t want eclipse.

Frankly, I’m pretty happy with both balance and resto right now and have spent this expansion cheerfully adapting to my raid’s needs night to night and fight to fight. I don’t feel like they needed much, and a lot of this feels like change for the sake of change. Eclipse is a mistake.

Meanwhile, Hpriest’s changes don’t significantly address their utility, defenses, or mobility (though baseline CoH helps a bit there). They’re already strong on throughput, they need utility. Meanwhile they’re giving druid, already relatively strong on utility significantly more, further widening that gap? Don’t get me wrong, the idea of having stampeding roar is really exciting, but seriously?

Hpriest’s lack of mobility and utility have been problems for 2 expacs now, and the class philosophy post didn’t give the impression that correcting that is any kind of priority.

I’m not happy with Holy Power making a return. I’ve played every expac in Depth except Legion. I tolerate Ret as it is, but I despised Holy Power for Prot and Holy.

I honestly haven’t rolled Holy since Wrath.

That’s how far they broke it.

Agree with holy power for paladin tanks being a big HELL NO.

meh. I am happy with the ones i got but I was really hoping for all the traps back and baseline for all hunters. Also I would like aspect of the daze please? xD

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it works well for ret, feels like melee destro, but holy and prot is wtf hell no, unless they are going harder with tanks, and healers having to do dps, then i can see it work if you passively heal like disc,.

I am very happy with the druid changes. I’ll be getting a lot of abilities base lined, as they should be. With the changes comes a lot of utility and flavor, feels good man.

I am surprised they’re starting to give Blood Death Knights an identity, for over a decade they’ve been infringing off the Warrior’s class fantasy and had no relevance of existence in lore.

Truth be told Void Elves have more Lore than Blood Death Knights before Shadowlands.

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You mean yet ANOTHER spell that we’ve had access to since the game came out that was turned into a talent, right?

I hope to see this disgusting laziness go away in SL.


Warrior: Yes
Druid: Not sure (I play feral)
Rogue: Yes
Hunter: Yes
Shaman: Yes
DK: Yes
Pally: Not sure

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Of course you’re not. Show me one post where you are happy about ANYTHING.

My current main is Elemental Shaman.

I’m not actively angry about it, but I don’t agree with reverting back to WoD. Maelstrom was a pretty nice rebranding of what we already had. It functioned mostly the same but was a little bit more intuitive and offered room for more varied mechanics that Fulm Stacks / Tectonic Thunder Stacks didn’t.

But it’s a resource bar so idiots are spouting off “good riddance, it turned Shamans into ranged Warriors” as if that’s even remotely true.

OTOH, I mained Holy Paladin last patch and I’m happy to see Holy Power coming back to Holy and Prot. Much more fun IMO. Reverts aren’t automatically bad.

But then I saw Glimmer of Light as a talent and now I know I won’t play the spec because if that exists without some actual overhaul to Holy’s base AoE kit, it WILL be mandatory, and I don’t enjoy the way Holy Paladins keep getting turned into clunkier versions of Mistweaver Monks (or to a lesser extent Resto Druids). It feels distinctly non-Paladiny to spread weak HoTs around an entire raid from range. That’s effectively what Glimmer is. That’s what Eternal Flame was back in MoP. Both spells should go die in a fire.

Just revamp Holy Paladin and give them some built in way to do Raid Healing. They don’t have to be the best at it, but they clearly need some help in that department, and I’d prefer it to be something a bit more thematically fitting.

I am happy happy (joy joy) my Death Knight can return to his true nature, an ice cold two-hand wielding semi living machination of death and destruction. The only way I could be more happy? Frostmourne. Blood is just too sloooow. Unholy…just feels…dirty. Middle of a fever swamp dirty. Brings back bad memories.

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