Are you happy with your classes' proposed changes?

I for one am not.


I think the changes so far probably dont go far enough, and are also not the complete picture.


As a BM hunter, not really.

Eyes of the Beast is not something I care about.

I want old Cheetah but without the daze, it just turns off in combat.
One of the old pet systems, don’t care which
Spirit Bond back
Beast within that works with bestial wrath


I like them but I do think there could me more done.

I’d wish they would just take all their energy / resources from covenants and just put them into class design.


Until I see the numbers…

Elemental looks like it could be downright horrible for ST.

Enhance, who knows.

But I am waiting until I see the actual in game numbers to see how things play out.


So far my biggest questions are how they’re planning on keeping 2H and DW balanced when they couldn’t in the past and what they’re expecting Frost to do with D&D.

They’re re-adding it but I didn’t see anything so far that’d indicate any reason for Frost to use it outside of niche circumstances as it stands. On the other hand, the Night Fae covenant replaces D&D so I’m not sure if they intend for it to be something we generally don’t touch if we’re not Night Fae or if they’re going to try to plop it into our normal rotations somehow.

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I see some good and some not so good changes (or lack thereof) Reserving judgement until we get more info and can test.


Give Priest moooooarrr


Why would frost not use Death and decay? I would use it in all aoe situations.

I’m happy with the dk situation. Gimme icy touch dispel and I’ll have nothing else to add. Heck, even adding it as a pvp talent is fine.

Kinda? No healing winds means WW will never be as good as it could be.

I’m just happy that Blizzard realizes that classes aren’t fun. As a very early, pre alpha preview, these changes look good.


personally, I’d prefer they make it work, then leave it alone.
As long as they dont tank the class/spec, or pull more crap like removing Life Tap that I enjoyed (they could have just made it a talent so those of us who liked it could keep it), then I guess I’ll have to deal with any stupid changes made.
Its not like theyre listening anyway.

I’m a little nervous about ending up with too many buttons, but the monk changes look pretty great.

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It’s not like we’re short on AoE tools and it doesn’t play at all with our mastery or any other abilities.

Speaking of that, I’m wondering what they’re planning to do about the second part of the Night Fae ability. Frost doesn’t have any of the abilities that it lists to proc it and they didn’t mention adding them.

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As a main blood DK that sometimes plays around with frost and unholy.

Hell yeah.

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It’s a cliffnotes description more about philosophy and goals, released in the week before even Alpha has gone up. I have several questions, but why on gods green earth would I be drawing any kind of definitive conclusions at this stage?

I don’t know what I’ll be maining, but the demo warlock changes don’t seem to be blowing up my skirt. :man_shrugging:

If you believe that classes aren’t fun, why are you still paying monthly to play the game?

Admittedly, I don’t understand people.

I mean, it won’t be balanced. I played a warrior when TG/SMF was around. You basically picked whichever you had the highest weapons for but in the end TG always simmed out ahead.

It’s the same thing with Frost 2H. Everyone talks about those big Obliterate crits ignoring the fact that DWing was always simming out ahead.

If you like 2h’s for the aethestic, that’s cool but if you’re a numbers guy you’ll be fumbling with weapons.