Are bots not banned anymore?


If Blizzard needs to ban a single bot, they need to:

  • Verify it’s a bot
  • Identify the gold-moving network
  • Repatriate, or remove, the gold
  • Action the accounts purchasing the gold
  • Contact financial institutions to return money
  • Suspend the account & contact legitimate account holders
  • Restore accounts to pre-compromise status

When a gold seller needs to move on to another account, they need to;

  • Pull account credentials out of their database
  • Charge a stolen credit card

Like i’m Standing here on Island of Thunder with a hundred druids all with the same greens level 110. all doing the same route. and you guys dont think they’re all bots?

They may very well be bots. The thing is you can’t 100% prove it. Just report them and move on.

Blizzard researches the bog programming, figures out how to break it, then issues a mass wave of suspensions. They also take legal actions against bot makers when they can. Those legal actions require both the research and the consistent stance of enforcing rules.


you really aren’t listening. They need to study the programming so they can break the bot. Otherwise they are just playing whack-a-mole. And they just go onto their next account and keep doing it


When I am farming I zone out kind of and rarely notice whispers. Especially if I am in an area where the chat can move quickly scrolling the whisper off my chat window. So just because someone does not reply does not mean they are a bot.

Could some of them be bots? Sure. All of them? Possibly, but it is not definitive proof, that is called a suspicion. I have toons that I use for farming, I am not going to bother running dungeons or raids for better gear if what I have is good enough, nor will I run WQs with those toons. Blizzard goes by their logs, which can provide definitive proof. Report them using the report functions and it provides Blizzard with much more actionable information, that is hard evidence, not simply suspicion.


Blizzard needs a faster system.

The Botanic Bot Farm has been going on for years. So how is your system working there?

Honestly…you don’t need to report them all, just one or two and explain in the box there are a lot of them.

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Judging by your last post, it seems to be working fast enough, you just only witness what you see in game, not the end result until it happens to you.


Those bots are making money from it, it is an ongoing battle. The bots you see today are not necessarily using the same software, or accounts. Blizzard bans, breaks the bot. Botters make new bots and use new stolen accounts or accounts created with stolen credit cards. As long as players are willing to give those crooks money, they will keep trying to do it.


Like why would anyone need to report such a huge botting ring thats been going on for years!! One that every normal Farming person has known about this whole time? Like is Blizzards nose stuck in his bank account from all these bots buying the 110 boosts? They’re all 110 paid boosts.

Here comes the hyperbole…this is what got the thread deleted last time.

Sounds like you are reading the botter’s playbook.


because i have an opinion?

If you wanna voice your “opinion” do so in General Discussion or a blog.

Those are actually done on compromised credit cards, so i doubt Blizzards gets anything.


Because every time Blizzard finds a way to break one bot, the hackers come up with a new way to bot that bypasses the old means of breaking it. While it’s been going on for “years”, sure, it’s because it’s an arms race between the botters and Blizzard, so it’s more like “It goes on for a few months, goes quiet for a few months, goes on for a few means, etc.” and this cycle has been going on for years.

Also, why are you assuming that it’s just one ring instead of multiple rings being taken out in sequence?


Quite the contrary, they cost us an enormous amount - between the costs of fighting them, the fees that get attached to stolen cards used - and all the ill will from players.

And just because we fight them, doesn’t mean they don’t come back. We do banwaves in the hundreds and thousands at a time. Within 2 days, or less, they come back - but we don’t stop fighting them, we continue to fight them.

As I said, until there is no longer a financial motivation to do so, these will never go away and that is 100% fully in the hands of players that give them money.


That’s why rules that you have in place to ban an account shouldn’t apply to these bots. Any person with a brain watching their movements can tell they’re a bot. Just delete them faster!

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That’s ineffective, because it let’s the hackers and botters know that Blizz is onto them. It’s much better to find a way to for-sure break the program and remove all of the botters using that program in one fell swoop.


You really don’t understand automation do you?

  1. Visual observation is not enough to ban an account. They have to have PROOF. Blizz always prefers to avoid accidentally banning real players.
  2. They DO ban thousands and thousands, over and over.
  3. Bot maker changes the bot software and comes back. Automated bots flood the area again.
  4. Players are poor at security so they fall for phishing schemes or get malware. Botters have thousands and thousands of passwords to accounts and buy lists of stolen credit cards from the black market.

This is a world wide criminal enterprise. Not something that can be taken down by one GM with a stick. I don’t step on ants one by one either. I kill them all at once and try to take out the nest.


I don’t believe that for one second because you can go to Botanica at any point of the day and see them running in and out every second. If you had a guy there inspect the player and see all the same greens of a boosted 110 and they follow the same path. just hit Delete! If they’re getting deleted before they they even finish one run. I’m sure they would stop faster. But no matter what i say you wont change your methods or ways. This has been going on since the days of Ty’rs Hand with all the Rogues that instant killed you. Been 14 years and you still haven’t found a way.