Anyone else sick of the constant pushing for Retail features like Duel Spec?

Seriously, I’m sick of having these #allchangers trying to ruin my game by trying to push microblizzard to go Awful full RETAIL and give us dual spec in TBC.
Tbh, Usually I wouldn’t have to make this topic as it’s well known, but since Pro Dual Spec forces have an ideal / Identified Commanding Presence in the forums it’s worth putting down Sweeping strikes and show how Dual RSpec is Retchously bad and horrible it is for the game.
Easily, Respeccing is an extremely good piece of game design and is the only thing keeping the economy from

suffering a severe Concussion blow.

Without it, not only the authenticity of World of Warcraft®: Burning Crusade Classic™ be completely ruined, but then people would constantly respec to the spec they preferred in raids and pvp, thus being even more Devastate-ingly minmax by letting the players pick any spec they want.

This would later cause Endless Rage of the toxic elements emanating from more mini maxers in the community. Seriously, the people who want dual spec are wanting a Death wish onto this game, whether they know it or not.

Let’s LEAVE that feature in wrath there it belongs, its too dangerous to be allowed on TBC and I believe it would cause Unbridled wrath and Mortally strike TBC’s economy, cause a Blood frenzy of Minmaxers, and Execute player choice by giving too many options.

After all, Classic is an RPG, thus dual spec would make no sense. Think about it, what other RPG has Dual Speck? I can’t thing of a single one. This is probably why.

We must show Toughness and Heroic-ly strike back against the Flurry of pro dual spec threads and show Defiance and an Iron Will against the harbingers of turning our game into retail.


I knew it, your main IS a warrior


Just dropping by.


The most elaborate strawman since Wizard of Oz.
Kids got gumption Ill give him that


What part of this thread is a strawman? I don’t see it at all…

i mean go ahead and quit? lol

I’d play either way but it still should be in the game\

bruh are you even trying anymore lmao


Why would I quit when it’s not in the game?

What’s that got to do with the quote? It’s true. If you want dual SPECK go BACK TO RETAIL!


nah, im not going to retail. I’m gonna ask for dual spec for TBC. Whether I get it or not is irrelevant, I’ll play either way. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Your post is cringe


What’s cringe about it other than the fact you dislike the opinion presented in a cool and hip way? Dual Spec will turn tbc into retail. Just go play retail , we don’t need retail changes.

Nuff said…


This is a problem why?

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What’s a problem?




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The kek is the sound of copium at work

Cata was a slippery slope to shadowlands because of all the “quality of life” changes. Now retail players run over to tbc and start asking for quality of life changes. Sound familiar?

I don’t get it. What does adding the space between a and t prove?

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These forums are buggy and they don’t quote properly, so if you break up the text you quoted it will always show up :slight_smile:

If you are confused on why dual spec is a problem I have listed key reasons in the original post, I would start there.

Do you promise?


Of course, I would never lie to anyone on the forums. I’m a holy paladin for the light’s sake.

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Only people that would be against something like dual spec are people who have no job and have more time on their hands than they need.

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Say what you want. The min/maxing metasheep have already ruined Classic. They (unintentionally) ruined it before Classic even launched.

  • Cheesing the mechanics of pretty much everything to make things more efficient was against game design, hence things like the Chronoboon and daily dungeon caps
  • Min/maxers are responsible for faction imbalances, hence FvF BGs

Will min/maxers ruin dual spec? Problably. However, it’s a QoL change that will benefit everyone. I couldn’t care less what someone does in a raid. People respec for arenas already, so we won’t feel that difference, either.

Thinking we’d have an “authentic experience” in Classic is a myth. A pipedream. The players are different, the technology is different and the developers are different.