Any plan to fix zg encahnts?

I think it needs to be left in since people were doing it back in vanilla on twinks, only concern I have would be say a mage enchanting bloodvine and purposefully failing in order to get free bloodvine, this could be changed just to make it easier and streamlined so there is no possible scamming involved.

So, if you fix this exploit how about you fix the class bugs too? Like pet buff decay when logged out and hunters feign death trap. No way in hell am I paying for a tbc server if you can’t/won’t fix bugs that have been present for 4 phases of classic wow.

Why don’t you “investigate” the drop rate of the mage voodoo doll instead ?

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You mean like how you ban bots and anti afkers at the start to bypass the que?

It’s the BFA client
Just small nitpick, maybe does not matter much


and now how many people have wasted gold for a day of enchant?

HECK YEAH! way to go blizzard

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Now just make world buffs hit all layers and i’m fine with the rest

not i, no one elses enchant is actually good for me
such is a druids life

#SomeChanges in action. Now fix the PVP queues so premades and pugs are separated.

queues are fine
you made your own thread
no need to hijack this one

Why not just change it so the enchants aren’t class locked? This would open up a lot more options for people and solve the current issue at the same time.

Instead you remove functionality that was actually present in vanilla because of some crybabies on the forums :S


You mean functionality that was the result of a: you guessed it: mailbox EXPLOIT

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That will NEVER happen. A layer is essentially another server. You need to accept it now and come to grips with it.

pretty sure pet buff decay is intentional people used to get that disease from zg on their pet and dismiss it then pop it out in the auction house to kill people

Because the enchants were MEANT to be class specific
If there were not, they would not show a class and show red to anyone not that class.

It was not functionality.
Huge Galactic difference.
Functionality is intentional by design.
Glitch is hmm that shouldn’t happen, but hey look at this weird thing i can make happen.

Oh, is that how they did it?
I kind of always wondered.

That would make sense if it also applied to debuffs but it doesnt. Only buffs run out when logged out. Debuffs stay forever. Maybe it was like this in vanilla but its still a bad mechanic.

Why is this post under upvoted.

I for one hope they leave it in the game, things like this only help the specs that need help already giving them options that aren’t plus healing. The one issues is that fury warriors would now get a useful shoulder enchant pushing them even further ahead.

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